10 Free Android Apps For Mums

16 January 2011

androidApps A little while ago I wrote about baby iPhone apps and I KNEW I'd be asked if I knew of any similar for Android phones...well, I've found some and they're FREEE; hurrah!

I don't know much about Android phones at all, I'm just assuming that they're like iPhones but without the Apple and don't look so pretty *hur hur*

There are the usual suspects on this list: shopping list, personal orgainser diary-type-thing, white noise, doodle pad things for small kids - if yours are like my youngest then your phone will get hijacked just as much as mine!

If you, or your partner, are expecting then the baby name app might appeal to you (and might see you losing a fair few hours of your life as you muse through the 5000 names and meanings it has in its database!).

I have no clue what the square box barcode things are for - is that how you download/buy Android apps...? It looks exactly like the 'thing' on my Heathrow Express ticket that the guard scanned with his electronic gizmo.

Perhaps one of you Android users out there can give me a quick Android app 101!


  • John
    The 'square box' is a QR code which is a 2D barcode which can contain far more information than a standard barcode. For the Android market, the QR code contains data on the application so that when a user scans the code using their Android phone's camera they can go straight to the application in the Android market without having to search or type anything.
  • Sarah K.
    Well, they say every day's a school day - thanks for that John. Anything else Android that I need to know I'll be knocking on your door again :-)

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