When And Where To See The Supermoon November 2016

14 November 2016
When To See The Supermoon

If your kids are mini stargazers then they won't want to miss out on tonight's Supermoon, as it will be the best for a generation.

Tonight the moon will appear bigger and brighter in the sky than it has done for years, as it is at it's closest point in it's orbit to the earth, and there won't be another Supermoon like this until 2034.

As well as the moon looking as much as 30% brighter and 14% larger, there will also be the 'low hanging' effect, where it will be visible low in the sky, making it look even more impressive as you see the moon near to buildings and trees on the horizon.

Although the actual time the moon is closest was just before 11.30 this morning, UK astronomers will have to wait until sunset to see the supermoon in it's full glory, weather permitting of course.

If you want to show the children this beautiful sight then the best time to view it is as the sun sets after around 4.30pm this evening. Pick an area with less light pollution if possible, and if you have a clear view to the southern horizon you should see the supermoon in all it's glory.

If you or your kids want to find out more then there's plenty of information on the NASA website here. There's a great video there that explains it all really clearly, with some beautiful images, as well as the science behind it.

If the weather isn't in your favour tonight then there's a second chance tomorrow night, when it will appear again, though a little less bright and large. There will also be a smaller supermoon next month on 14th December 2016.

Here's hoping for clear skies!

Image: NASA

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  • Alan G.

    kids might like this xxx

  • Craig H.

    eilidh will want to see this :grimacing:

  • Laura E.

    It's currently too cloudy here. I've been telling my son about the supermoon I saw about 20+ years ago and how amazingly huge it was and he was so excited. Until we saw the clouds today :cry:

  • Debbie E.

    Thank you, he'll love it he's always making me stare at the moon lol xx

  • Debbie E.

    I think it might be too cloudy right enough but we'll try xx

  • Danni T.

    Should have been able to see it last night but it was too cloudy :( hopefully we will see it tonight!

  • Joanne M.

    I will I was up at 545 this morning thought it was today :rolling_eyes: dad's fault

  • Anne-Marie B.

    ive been keeping an eye on this...best one since 1948!!!

  • Norman H.

    Probably be on the news?....

  • Mark W.

    always black clouds above our house

  • Jessica E.

    I cant wait just hope its not too cloudy

  • Jessica E.

    Been waiting for it for ages :full_moon_with_face:

  • Maria T.

    Can't see anything different up in the sky tonight

  • Nicola T.

    Can u see it? It's too cloudy here :unamused:

  • Dave R.

    We had 3 super moons this year

  • David M.

    Looked last night was the same to me

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