Recall: Sainsbury's Grow and Play Wave Skier

Recall: Sainsbury's Grow and Play Wave Skier

Sainsbury's have issued a recall on one of their child's toys due to safety concerns. The Sainsbury's Grow and Play Wave Skier should not be played with and should be taken back to a store for a refund.

The recall notice does not specify what the safety concern is so we cannot give any further details on exactly what the issue is with this toy.

You can read the recall notice on the Sainsbury's website here, and it follows in full below:

Customer Notice - Product Recall - Sainsbury's Grow and Play wave skier

Product DescriptionSKU
Sainsbury's Grow and Play wave skier128293931

We are recalling this product as a precautionary measure having identified a potential safety issue.

If you have purchased this product, please stop using it immediately.

We are asking all customers who have bought this product to return it to their nearest Sainsbury's store, where they will receive a full refund.

No other products are affected by this issue, and we apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.


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  • Candice L.

    does isaac have this? Xx

    • Candice L.

      does isaac have this? Xx

      • Rebecca F.

        maybe wasn't a good present lol x

        • Cassie B.

          He does well spotted mate .. Emma got it so she got an email from Sainsburys but we have used it .. Bin now lol ! Xxxx

          • Candice L.

            Trust to get u a dodgy knock off lol xxx

          • Heather H.

            This broke the first time we used it. Gladly return it to store

            • PlayPennies

              That's not good Heather :( They haven't even said what the fault is so it's slightly worrying.

              • Pally09

                thinks it's something to do with the batteries leaking. 

            • Chloe R.

              do you have this? We do will take it back tomorrow! X

              • Carmel J.

                No, but we nearly bought it a little while ago!! Worrying that they haven't said what the fault is?! X

                • Chloe R.

                  It's battery operated so I reckon something to do with that! Can I take it to little sainburys by you or have be the big one x

                  • Carmel J.

                    Im not sure.. If it's been recalled they should take it back anywhere but might be worth calling up tollgate to check x

                    • Chloe R.

                      I pop in there on way over in morning! Quite glad to be honest it drove me bonkers . But Thomas is def going to wonder where it's vanished to x

                    • Kayleigh S.

                      Does anyone know if you need a receipt to return? Or can you just take it back? Ours was an Xmas gift from someone !?

                      • PlayPennies

                        You shouldn't need a receipt for a recall Kayleigh, though they may give you a gift card as they can't refund the original method of purchase. If in doubt give them a call, the contact details are on the link above. Hope that helps.

                      • Adam D.

                        I took it back ta x

                        • Kimberley P.

                          you might want to check Joeys toys we might of got him this for his birthday xx

                          • Hollie T.

                            Thankyou will do xxxxxxxx

                          • Sam333

                            It is because they leak battery fluid. I lodged the complaint two weeks ago and am awaiting a response