RECALL: Cra-Z-Jewelz Sets Due To High Levels Of Lead From Toy R Us

RECALL: Cra-Z-Jewelz Sets

Toys R Us have issued an urgent recall on kids craft sets due to high levels of lead which can be very dangerous indeed to young children.

The toys involved are the following:

  • Cra-Z-Jewelz Ultimate Gem Jewelry Machine & Shimmer N' Sparkle
  • Cra-Z-Art Cra-Z-Jewelz Gem Creations Gem Charm and Slider Bracelets

If you have either of these sets you are advised to stop using them immediately and return them to store for a refund.

You can read the recall in full here on the Toys R Us website*.

These sets were originally recalled in the US, but the recall has now been extended to the UK as well.

Lead poisoning from toys can lead to very serious symptoms from headaches and stomach pain to behavioural problems, anaemia and can even affect a child's developing brain, so this is a very serious issue indeed. Please make sure that your child does not have either of these sets and pass on the information to anyone you think may have them.

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  • Natalie H.

    I will check thank you x

  • Shan N.

    Luckily enough we haven't got that one

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