RECALL: Co-op Recall Chocolate Santas

Co-op Recall Chocolate Santas

Co-op stores have issued an urgent recall on more than 165,000 Chocolate Santas, after two alleged tampering incidents.

A spokesperson for the Co-op said two of the hollow chocolate figures had been found to contain a small button-cell battery.

"The health and safety of our customers is our top priority," said the spokesperson, saying that the Co-op was investigating and the police and Food Standards Agency were being notified. No other products are known to be affected.

The BBC reports that the chocolates that had been subject to tampering were found at two different locations, one in Suffolk and one in Essex.

The Co-op said customers with one of these products should not eat it, but call the company's customer relations team for a full refund, and anyone who is concerned should call Freephone 0800 0686 727.

EDIT: The recall has now been uploaded to the co-op website and you can read it here.

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  • Rachel M.

    i bought two yesterday :disappointed:

  • Lorna B.

    hope u havnt bought any of these :grimacing: I have lol

    • Serena S.

      Oh no I was going to but got morrisons one instead lol

  • Vicki M.

    Coop lady was trying to sell me some yesterday!

    • Kate D.

      Just doing her job, not to know someone at the factory would be so evil

    • Vicki M.

      I know, I'm just glad I didnt buy for my 3 yr old

    • Kate D.

      Me too, I work for Lincolnshire Co Op I bought my 2 kids one each a while back. My Mums bought 6 she's taking back

  • Charlotte C.

    I bought the boys from coop :speak_no_evil: xx

  • Laura S.

    It would probably be worth carefully other checking similar products before giving them to children, it is likely these santas have been targeted because they are easy to access. Other products that are also easy to access (chocolate reindeer wrapped in foil for example) could also be a target.

  • Jackie F.

    Who in their right mind would put cell batteries in children's chocolate!! These batteries can kill!! This is disgusting!!

    • zoe-p

      Who ever done this intending on causing a childs suffering and death.  They need to track down the factory they were made in and find who done it before some poor child does get killed. 

  • Chloe V.

    Brought two of these. Does anyone know if we can just take them back rather than trying to find a free phone number and spending however long trying to get through to them ?

    • Suzanne C.

      Yeah just take them to shop n you'll get refunded x

    • Ruby K.

      There's a freephone number on the article c

    • Barbara M.

      Yes just return for a refund x

  • Stephie C.

    Ours are from asda, will they be affected too?

  • Sarah-Lou H.

    My kids have already eaten some of these! How on earth does this happen

  • Yvonne M.

    My kids have ate these :confused:

  • Emma W.

    Hi everyone I work for the co-op just return these to your nearest store,refunds and big apologies to all xx merry Christmas xx

    • Michelle Z.

      I brought mine last week but don't have a receipt? Does this matter?

    • Emma W.

      They know it's a co-op brand I can't see it been a problem,they have been on sale months,and you cant expect everyone to keep receipt xx

  • Rachael S.

    You'd have to be the biggest scum of the earth to put batteries in kids sweet! :rage::rage::rage:

  • Gail M.

    Can this cause any illness or anything if there eaten

    • Marie T.

      A button cell battery can burn through a child's throat from the inside and cause irreparable damage. :-(

    • Gail M.

      If a child has eaten half of one should they be taken to a doctor or something ? I have thrown the other half out but I can't remember how long ago it was she eat it

    • Laura S.

      How old is the child? I unless they were very little I would think it would be difficult for them to eat a battery without noticing it. This poses the greatest risk to very young children who might think the item is a sweet.

    • Gail M.

      She's 5 so I'm sure she would have noticed I must have not read it right I thought it was maybe the battery fluid or something

  • Kelly W.

    Omg!!!! My son was given one of these from the store manager! Currently smashing it up and throwing it out. How very disappointing Co-Op! I now have an upset little boy! :rage::rage::rage:

    • Coogle

      upset is better than very ill. Hardly the mangers fault

    • Emma W.

      It is hardly co-ops fault! And your boy is probably only upset because you clearly smashed it up in front of him. If you had taken it back to the store you could have replaced it with an alternative.

    • Emily J.

      It happened aafter it left the co op factory

    • Kelly W.

      Over reacting?! They still have a duty of care when hiring factory staff quality controlling THEIR food items. I doubt you'd call a mother over reacting if god forbid her child had one of these chocolate santas and was taken ill. Yes my son was upset because his chocolate was taken and binned despite explaining why.... he's 4!!! Take you're "holier than thou" opinions elsewhere. I'm a parent that's shocked this was allowed to happen in the first place as I'm sure thousands of others who have purchased one these is. Merry Christmas! :blush:

      • EmilyRose

        They were tampered with AFTER the left the factory and BEFORE they reached a single store. So stop pretending like you know a thing about it, stop blaming Co-op staff who are literally not responsible in any way. 

    • Bill J.

      Ignore em love. Hope you have a smashing Christmas.

    • Barbara M.

      You only had to check it before giving it him x

    • Amy W.

      it happened after they left the factory, so it could be anyone that has done it... could even been while it was on the shelf :cry:

  • Zoe P.

    the worrying thing is they done it to possible kill a child, if the button cell batteries aren't detected if a child eats them they burn through the organs and keep burning and destroying the insides. A lot of kids have died eating them. I read an article of one burning through to a toddlers spine, Poor child died.

    • Jenna W.

      My friend as a child put a battery up his nose and he basically has no Bridge. It's scary how dangerous they are!

    • Zoe P.

      it really is frightening, with all the tech these days and they cant come up to an alternative to the button batteries. I have them all hidden on my top unit away from the kids.

    • Hayley R.

      I thought the same. There's some evil people out there. Button batteries terrify me as they're used in so many kids toys too!

  • Debbie M.

    Hate that some random factory worker has ruined xmas for some people and worried parents. Bear in mind it wasn't co ops fault for supplying them, it was the factory that is at fault for their quality control.

    • Emily J.

      It happened after they left the factory apparently

    • Catherine W.

      Our co-op had a whole basket of half price bashed ones that it'd have been easy to stick a battery in, its not really the sort of thing you think to check for is it?

    • Debbie M.

      its a scary thought that someone even contemplated it. Especially kids xmas food

  • Sandra M.

    I don't think I got any from the co.op

  • Kelly C.

    Oh bugger! We won't be eating them :)

  • Lynsey C.

    Is this just from Co op? I bought some from asda that are the same?

    • Lauraine D.

      I've got 2 from Asda too. They are going straight in the bin!! x

    • Laura S.

      It depends if he tampering happened in the factory or in store. If it was in the factory it is likely only these santas, if it happened in store the person responsible could have targeted other shops/items. Personally I will be carefully checking everything before I give it to the children just to be on the safe side.

  • Lauraine D.

    I've got similar from Asda. Going to bin them ust incase!

    • Danpand

      It's just the Co-op ones as it's the factory. They will be made in different factories. If you are worried, it might be best to crack them open. The batteries are big enough to see. It would be a shame to bin stuff when the Asda ones haven't even been recalled.....

  • Katie L.

    Oh my! My son gave his head teacher one for Christmas :flushed:

  • Jodie B.

    think we are ok. I get the poundshop ones that look like willys x

  • AnitaNdai S.

    I've got 9 of these here was just putting the sweet hampers together when seen this xx no signs in coop though just been there xx

  • Esmie D.

    Thanks. I found mine in Sainsburys. Have checked them and not the same. X

  • Robyn P.

    from what I gather they have not long issued the statement. There was nothing mentioned in work last night. I've got 2, taking mine back for a refund and will get something else x

  • Nikki S.

    I wouldn't pay co op prices haha cx

  • AnitaNdai S.

    Can we take them straight to the shop , I will get kids something else xx

    • bethxx85xx

      Yes take them back to your local shop for a full refund x

  • Robyn P.

    I'm not sure. It does say to contact customer relations? Xx

  • Gemma N.

    Omg! That's so dangerous! The batteries not only a chocking hazard but the acid would burn the inside! Sick sick twisted people out there!

  • Lindsey B.

    No mine wasn't from there x

  • Natasha J.

    Omg why would someone do that.

  • Lora C.

    Just taken mine back to Co op...not a hoax I'm afraid

  • Sonia B.

    OMG!!! We are going to poison everyone!!!

  • Linda W.

    How can anybody do that, can't believe it!!

  • Laura W.

    Not sure, I think they came in a box?

  • Sarah C.

    No I heard on the radio earlier! Weird xx

  • Stephen B.

    No not had choc from there

  • Hayley C.

    I got Santa's from asda so hopefully ok xx

  • Lauren J.

    What's more worrying is they've been on sale since Nov/oct time!! Xx

  • Lauren D.

    just the coop ones? I haven't had any from coop!!

  • Sarah W.

    When they find the person/people responsible they should be charged with attempted murder!

  • Lisa L.

    My daughters eaten one of these :eyes: should I do anything???

  • Susan G.

    Cant.understand why someone would want to sabotage productiom as it cause a lot of staff to lose their jobs.

  • Rosalind J.

    Thanks for tagging me but no co-op chocolate Santas this year. Just chocolate coins and a chocolate Santa beard :joy: Scary though :frowning2: xx

  • Hilly W.

    They were Lindt ones, luckily!! From Sainsbury's, I can't believe that someone would do such a horrific thing like that. Xx

  • Jake A.

    I did wonder why they stopped coming in

  • Mandy H.

    What is wrong with people they know full well a child is going to eat this .

  • Jennifer K.

    This is just evil n awful! Especially now I understand the damage it can cost in the shortest period of time. Whoever did this, you deserve to be punished!

  • Kathryn B.

    I saw these yesterday we haven't bought any thanks x

  • Kirsty B.

    I have those ones too!! Thanks for letting me know!! Xx

  • Geordie79

    Whoever has done this is doing it to cause disruption and to take focus off a festive period and they have done that however on the side of co-op at least they have become aware of the situation and are doing something about it

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