Pregnant Women Advised To Consider Postponing Travel To Florida Due To Zika Virus

31 July 2016
Zika Virus Risk To Pregnant Women In Florida

Pregnant and got a holiday to Florida booked? Public Health England have issued a new warning with regards to Zika Virus, after the number of people affected in Florida has risen to four. It has been confirmed that these cases have occurred due to local mosquitoes.

As Zika Virus is linked to serious birth defects in the form of Microcephaly. Therefore, as a precaution due to the moderate risk of Zika Virus in Florida, pregnant women have been advised to consider postponing non-essential travel to the area.

As well as Florida, Guinea-Bissau, Indonesia and the Philippines pose a moderate risk of the mosquito-borne virus.

A number of countries in south and central America and the Caribbean, are considered as HIGH risk and therefore pregnant women are STRONGLY advised to postpone travel to these regions.

To read more about the travel advice with regards to Zika Virus, click here.

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