Nutella Doughnuts Are Coming To Krispy Kreme!

Nutella Doughnuts Coming To Krispy Kreme!

Oh my. Two of my favourite things to eat are just about to join together in what will be a festival of deliciousness. NUTELLA KRISPY KREME DOUGHTNUTS! Sorry, I'm excited.

It will be called the Nutty Chocolatta and will be launched on 27th May.

In a genius campaign Krispy Kreme have 'leaked' an internal memo that looks as though it should have only been sent to store managers, urging them to keep the new flavour confidential. I got one this morning, then a 'recall' for it minutes later. (Yes, I'm on the Krispy Kreme mailing list...)

It looks so genuine...until you get to the advice about customers who may react with "fainting", "dribbling" or "over-excitement" and you realise it's just very, very clever.

Apparently jars of nutella will be delivered to stores "in the middle of the night" with the warning "Please note: As tempting as it is this is not for staff consumption."

There's also reports that there will be a Nutella Krispy Kreme Doughnut Vending Machine popping up in London, and this actually looks genuine! It will be on 229 Holburn, with £2 doughnuts being dispensed via contactless card payments with proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust. You have to wait until 8am on 9th May to go and use that one, but that beats the national launch by weeks. CANNOT WAIT!

Fancy a free doughnut? Sign up to the Krispy Kreme mailing list and get a free original glazed doughnut, plus an extra one on your birthday!

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  • Amanda D.

    Holy shine a light :heart_eyes:ny Crosby

  • Sarah D.

    I need one of these :grin::grin::grin:

  • Rachel S.


  • Fiona T.

    Yea - excellent marketing!!

    • PlayPennies

      Isn't it clever? Would have been excited about those doughnuts anyway I think! :)

  • Tracy C.


  • Siân L.


  • Katrina C.


  • Lou E.

    YES!!!!! Xx

  • Susanne A.


  • Rachel C.

    Omg lol xx

  • Robert M.

    Winner winner

  • Dan W.


  • Patrick B.

    That's to fattening.. even for me!

  • Carla D.

    Oh my we need these in our lives xx

  • Samantha T.

    I deleted it, I thought it was spam!

  • Lucy B.

    we needed these today :heart_eyes::pig::pig:

    • Danielle M.

      Definitely!!! :kissing_heart:

  • Simone W.

    Where do you get them?

  • Sam F.


  • Rachel P.

    we need to get these

    • Leah P.

      omg yes

  • Charlotte G.

    I don't know how I feel about the PB&J one :thinking:

    • Patrick B.


      Not getting any though until next pay day....

    • Charlotte G.

      I'm so looking forward to trying a Nutella one :heart_eyes:

  • Simone B.


  • Rebecca E.

    The nutella one is def worth a try xx

  • Laura S.

    wonder if the tesco has the nutella one:heart_eyes:

  • Jaye P.

    Omg I want a Nutella one :heart_eyes:

    • Carlz D.

      I've had the peanut butter one :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I'll go soon and get us some xxx

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