Littlewoods Rewards Scheme To End On August 31st

Littlewoods Rewards Scheme To End

We've been contacted by a few Playpennies readers today, letting us know that they've received a letter this morning letting them know that the Littlewoods Rewards Scheme will end later this month.

For those of you who don't know, the scheme gives buyers cashback into their account which can then be applied to later purchases. It's important you check your account to see if you have any rewards accumulated as you could lose them if you don't.

Littlewoods have stated they're closing the program because "customers have told us the Rewards Scheme doesn't feel fair as not everybody benefits, it is quite difficult to understand and it is not really valued by everyone". I guess the big question is what (if anything!) they'll replace it with. The current scheme may have had its flaws but it was essentially cashback on purchases people were making anyway.

To make sure you don't lose any rewards you may currently have, make sure you know what's going to happen next :

Customers will carry on earning rewards on all eligible payments in the normal way until 31st August 2016.

If your account payments are up to date on August 31st 2016, Littlewoods will credit your rewards balance with the value of rewards you could have earned on all your qualifying orders up to the date your membership ceased. These will be applied to your account by 30th September 2016.

You'll then have 3 months, up to 31st December 2016, to redeem all your rewards and they promise to keep you updated every step of the way. Any unused rewards will expire on 31st January 2017.

So make sure you use all rewards in your account by the end of January or you'll lose them.

It's important to remember that this is the information we've been given from Playpennies readers but every account may be different, your rewards credit could expire sooner or last longer. The best thing to do is contact Littlewoods directly to see how it affects you personally and you can find out how to do that here.

What do you think of this change?

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  • Rosemarie O.

    What how crap

  • Beckie L.

    OMG gutted I'll use my stuff tonight thanks chick xx

  • Joanne L.

    I have £40 to spend :smiley:

  • Donna R.

    how do I check if I have any ?

  • Emma G.

    What a shock, only found out about this today. Just spoke to an agent and i had £85 of rewards to use by 30th june 2016 as they have stopped the scheme. I have lost it as it wasnt used!!

  • Sula Q.

    My grandma uses Littlewoods and our minimum payment each months is between £200-£300 so she earns loads of rewards, fuming ain't the word lol, how can they just stop doing it!

    • Cazboo

      Same here run this catalogue for 30 years my monthly payments between 500 to 600 . Absolute gutted, but very angry as well, apparently there was a survey , the rewards scheme was stopped because the majority of people didn't want them!!!!!  No survey was ever sent to me !!! . I am absolutely  disgusted with littlewoods and the way they have treated there agents. Carnt wait to finish the payments n look elsewhere for another catalogue, does anyone know which ones are still paying commission?.    Shameful behaviour littlewoods.

  • Charlene K.

    do you know where to check if we've got any rewards online? I logged in but I can't see xx

  • Anne B.

    Disgraceful.. I have shopped with littlewoods for years because I earned commission... And to be honest the commission is most likely added into the price?? I will finish paying off my account and will now shop elsewhere... A really bad decision especially for your most loyal customers over many decades :'(

    • Gemma123

      couldnt agree with you more. been shopping with them for 25yrs, but no incentive now to carry on, so will pay up and look elsewhere. their loss!!

  • Jaklyn S.

    Already done

  • Craig S.

    Thanks xx

  • Angrylady

    I been customer for 40 years and I am disgusted by the letter I recieved saying my rewards will finish 31 August and will now be paying my account up and shopping at very which is cheaper 

    • BonnyLee

      Very is owed by Littlewoods under Shop Direct!

  • Dee-NotSoHappy

    I've shopped with Littlewoods for about 30 years & the rewards scheme is a great incentive to make you buy more online with them...shame they've decided to withdraw the rewards just because "other customers don't think it's fair"....or is this just Littlewoods being mean & Scrooge-like???

  • Mary

    think its a disgrace they will lose alot of customers because nobody will be a agent for them for nothing I have been an agent fir 30 years but will be leaving them 

  • Bill

    Littlewoods will undoubtedly lose by this action, totaly bad  business advice, I have been a long time agent and customer but not anymore, no incentive to carry on, you can buy the same goods on far better terms than what Littlewoods are now offering. 

  • bjay

    Looks like the end of the line with regards to Littlewoods as far as I’m concerned,

    years of loyalty as an agent and customer is now over, no incentive to carry on. 

  • Colleen

    I think its a absolute disgrace I have been a agent for 37 years and will be done with it has soon as everybody's paid. Won't be shopping with them or any of there other clubs either. You can get a lot cheaper else where. Only did it for rewards it made items cheaper because I only brought items in sale or with rewards. I think they talk a load of rubbish who wouldn't like a bit of extra cash. 

  • Christine1961

    what a load of bullcr*p , who would not want commission for running a service for Littlewood its not rewards , you get people to buy over priced items on the weekly collect their money pay it in chase customer's who pay late . I feel what their are doing is illegal .

    When we stop finding them customers witch I will be doing , i feel bad for my clients but I put thousand's in profits to Littlewoods over the years maybe they will stop lying & start listening to their agents we are not customers .

    • welshy

      currently have an outstanding balace of £1500 just rang about my rewards, apparantly they have been paid out! £2.82 pence, this must be wrong ,im a platinum 10% customer, i was expecting £100 odd at least, fuming, then suddenly all their computers froze and all relavant departments have closed and there are no superiors to talk yo, what a load of twoddle , completely ripped off!

      • Sam-j

        They don't pay commission on any sale items and extended warranties

  • kimble

    I  can't believe the rewards have stopped, I have used this catalogue for over 20 yrs , I don't see what the incentive is now, I'm seriously considering changing catalogues

  • Catherinelynn

    I am totally disappointed with this as soon as I pay wat I owe I will be goin to another catalogue that still gaves rewards I have been with little woods for a really long time and always looked forward to my reward I think they will lose a lot of costomers over this and I really don't blame them as we are not being treated fare 

  • Spice

    Didn't even get the heads up letter in August, first I heard of this was the follow up letter today (mid December).  Very disappointed,  rewards were so helpful at Christmas and made Littlewoods competitive on price.  I'll be settling my account in 2017 and going elsewhere as they've been poor in other areas such as delivery and communications for a while now.  

  • Vivvy200

    got my rewards every month, now feel like I've been robbed 

  • Sewingbee

    They should provide copies of the so called survey. I do not believe there was one, as if anyone would ask for their rewards to stop. we signed up and bought goods on the understanding we would gain rewards. Where do we stand legally ?

    Why don't they abolish late payment charges etc !!

  • kaccab

    absolutely disgusted! Over 20 years as an agent I never received a survey! What nonsense don't believe they did one what agent is going to say earning cashback on their account is not fair! Not an agent anymore!

  • jacqui_brown

    feel so annoyed that they have done this they have let a lot of people down by doing this, im clearing off my account and going to look elsewhere. does anybody know what is the best catalogue to go with that pays commission 

  • disgusted

    I received a letter in December 2016 saying i would no longer be a Littlewoods agent if I didnt order by end of January 2017. I had about £800 rewards so i ordered about £400 of goods online. On phoning them about paying with rewards I was told I didnt have any rewards as the scheme has finished. I have phoned Littlewoods and Shop Direct on numerous occasions without any correspondence from them.......until today. I was told they didn't have to notify me because i should have known that if i didn't order anything in any of the 4 seasons then i would lose my rewards (blackmail) and that i should know the terms and conditions. I hadn't ordered anything since December 2015 and received no correspondence so my fault!! I also knew nothing about a survey. Incidentally I have been an agent since 1982 when it was Empire Stores until it kept being taken over. Like everyone else those rewards were earned by getting them more custom.

  • 1056

    I have been with little woods from the age of 20 am 34 now,i never once received a letter or survey from littlewoods,my monthly payments are between 500 and 550 every month for nearly two years.customers are dedicated and i cannot believe people would be so cruel to say that reward is not needed,I believe its a lie,we are not rich,and it was a great idea to hold on to the catologue and the prices in littlewoods aren't cheap lets be real. 

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