Jetpacks For Kids For Sale At Woolworths


I was as big a fan as the next person when it came to Back To The Future as a kid. In fact, I might even admit to a little twinge of regret when the clock struck 00:00 at the 1999/2000 new year's party and I realised there were still no hover boards on the horizon.

So I couldn't help but feel a little excited on the inside when I caught the tail end of a news story today: Kidijet took its first real flight this morning over Tooting Common, South West London, piloted by Eloise Hamilton, aged five.

It was the best thing ever!” said Eloise. “I want to spend all day with my jetpack. Flying to school will be amazing!

The Jetpack, controlled by a simple start/stop switch, plus a forward accelerator and break, can hover and fly forwards, moving left or right according to the distribution of the wearer’s weight.

Kidijet is powered by oxygen, a turbine and un-leaded petrol,” explained professor Anna Nonymous, a scientist involved with the project. “The components are environmentally responsible, family friendly and in no way harmful to children.

Dan Rubel, director of family fun at, says “It’s taken us a good year to perfect Kidijet and we’re proud to be the first to market with this incredible invention. We wanted to make it safe, affordable and fun for the family and through producing an initial run of 3 million, we have been able to ensure that each Kidijet costs no more than £4.99 per unit. It won’t be long until every family can send their children off to school wearing their Kidijet.”

‘Kidijet’ allows children to hover up to 4ft in the air and ‘fly’ for up to 10 minutes at a time. It is available at for £4.99 in red or white.

While it all may seem a little more like The Jetson's than Marty McFly, it is certainly a great ol' step closer to that hover board!

Oh, and by the way, Happy April Fool's Day!

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  • lukekey
    what a pile of shit, i had one of these 10 years ago ago, threw it away because it kept taking the skin off my ass,
  • jasond
    wow how lame:p:p
  • jasond
    you lame
  • coolic
    should i get it or not

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