Ikea Recalls Furniture In The US After Children Killed

Ikea Recalls Furniture After Deaths

Ikea US have recalled millions of pieces of furniture from their popular Malm range after an investigation into the deaths of three children who were crushed to death by the furniture. The products have been removed from the US Ikea website and a recall has been issued for the range of chests and drawers.

The situation in the UK is that this furniture is still being sold on the Ikea website and no recall has been issued in this country. Ikea have reportedly said that a recall would not be issued in the UK or Ireland and a statement is expected later today.

NBC News reported that the US recall was being made by the retailer after a campaign to get parents to secure the furniture to walls to make it safe resulted in 300,000 kits being sent out - with more than 27 million pieces of the furniture in people's homes in the US.

Ikea USA president Lars Peterson told NBC News that after the three deaths of three children it is no longer selling its Malm series products because they " could be a danger".

" Please take them out of the room," Peterson said, whilst also adding a reminder that customers can get a free repair kit to anchor the furniture to a wall. Refunds will also be offered in the US.

Ikea said in a statement to NBC news that it issued the recall despite the anchor campaign as " It is clear that there are still unsecured products in customers' homes. We believe that taking further action is the right thing to do."

The situation is Europe is slightly different to the US market as all Malm furniture was already supplied with wall-fixing kits, and this was not the case in the US.

We will keep you informed should Ikea UK issue any further advice or information.

If parents have not yet fixed their furniture to the wall you can obtain one by contacting Ikea.

Call Ikea UK on 0203 6450010 (UK) or 01 5413302 (ROI) to request a free restraint kit if you do not have the original one that came with the packaging.

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  • Penny R.

    They're not recalling them elsewhere as they come with a wall-fixing kit. I've got these chest of drawers, they are secured to wall. They are unsteady if you don't.

  • Laura M.

    This is crazy! Why can't people just read the instructions and secure these to the wall!!!!

  • Lynsey W.

    The U.K. Ones come with a wall fixing so they don't need to be recalled here

  • Rachelle L.

    don't uk ones come with wallmounts?

  • Leanne S.

    Oh god I've got these

    • Cheryl H.

      It's a US recall, just ensure yours are fixed to wall X ones are giving free wall fixings but newer ones come with them x

  • Fiona Y.

    This is ridiculous! It's common sense to fix heavy furniture to walls! This goes for all furniture not just ikea ones! Especially if your going to have children climbing on them!

  • Penny R.

    ...just use the wall-fixing kit (provided in uk)...that you're supposed to use with it.

  • Gina F.

    Is this the strap it comes with to tie it to the wall failing or the strap not being used? If the straps not being used then I don't really see how it's a recall problem

    • Penny R.

      I think you had to buy the wall-fixing kit separately in America .....

    • Penny R.

      I've used the safety straps on book cases too ....people don't realise that any heavy unit has the potential to topple over.

  • Donna W.

    If you have used the wall fittings that come with them they are perfectly safe. I have these in every bedroom (and my first ones are the older ones before wall fittings were supplied)

  • Amanda L.

    Happened Me when Kayla was at them. Luckily I was in the room. Mine didn't come with wall attachments either. If the drawers are open they completely topple over. So dangerous!

  • Sarah K.

    Phone Ikea. They sent me some free of charge. They are really helpful

  • Donna W.

    You can ask ikea for them if it didn't come with one. (I have both sorts, the older ones without and newer ones that do)

  • Sarah K.

    Phone Ikea.. they will send you the wall mounts free. They are really helpful.

  • Sarah G.

    you can pick up the wall mount fixing kit for free from ikea

  • Rachel S.

    Just call ikea and they will send you a free fitting kit. Our old malm draws didn't have them but we asked and they send us some.

    It's only the fitting kit that makes it safe. Cheaper to buy a fitting kit then a whole new set of draws that's just as unsafe if you don't attach it to the wall. Any furniture can crush a child if it's not secured

  • Jeanette P.

    The UK ones now come with wall fixings, if you have older ones that didn't come with fixings you can get them free of charge from ikea xxx

  • Emma S.

    I think any set of drawers that isn't fastened to the wall is at risk of toppling over, not exclusive to just the ikea ones. Just common sense really

  • Becci D.

    I don't know how many times I've said this in the past, but FIX THEM TO THE WALL!!! This is not an IKEA issue, it's people not taking note of the advice that is provided with the furniture. I have Malm chest of drawers throughout my house, in my room and my kids rooms and they come with the brackets and instructions on how to secure the furniture with the brackets. IKEA are not at fault.

    • Penny R.

      Apparently they didn't come with any wall fixing kits in America :confused: ...hence they've re-called them there only.

    • Becci D.

      It's not the first time in the last year this has happened in the US with the Malm sets though. And previous to this ikea has offered free brackets to everyone that owns one without them. Not to mention it's common sense and the fixing of furniture has been advised for many years. It's just so frustrating:confounded:

  • Victoria S.

    My mamas and papas drawers are same if opened they are unstable. Nowt to do with ikea you have to fasten them to wall and keep an eye on your children :grinning:

  • Julie N.

    any drawers if you open more than 1 WILL topple!

  • Alice J.

    It's commont sense to fix the furniture to the walls with the fixtures PROVIDED , if parents choose to ignore this then it's their fault... Its not an ikea issue its a dumb person issue, also dont let your children climb up furniture :/

  • Kay B.

    Mine are 6+ years old and didn't come with wall fixings but I've just contacted them (took 2 mins) and they are sending 2 sets of wall fixings free of charge

  • Kristian M.

    Uh oh we all have these

  • Jeremy S.

    Everyone knows to fix it to the wall!!

  • Carina T.

    i have 2 of those chest of drawers , will wait to see if they recal them here ! x

  • Toby-Jade S.

    Don't know why everyone's panicking they clearly state use the fixing kits if you choose not to then I'm sorry but it's your own stupidity .

  • Beth S.

    We do have these, but used metal brackets from home base as their ties were a bit flimsy we thought

  • Yvonne E.

    no recall in the uk

  • Taryn R.

    They all come with wall brackets for a reason!

  • Megan W.

    How the heck do they just fall over?? Silly scaremongering

  • Leigh D.

    If you ring ikea they'll send you a wall fixing kit free of charge for it just say you can't find your kit for it.

  • Michelle F.

    fixing these to wall needs done asap

  • Steph D.

    - in the US, but you can request free wall fixings here too x

    • Rachel S.

      Mine came with wall fixings :thumbsup:xx

  • Lucy F.

    I'm not having a go at all. But any set of drawers which are unfixed and left open with become unbalanced and topple. It's math

  • Amy R.

    I have these too, they did a programme on this morning once that it's not just these it's about all drawers about fixing them to the wall x

  • Justyna L.

    Use wall fixings. If you don't want to use child locks on drawers so they can't be opened (and climbed onto) by your child. Simple.

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