Girl Sells Shopkins Toy For Over £200

Girl Sells Shopkins Toy For Over £200

You know those annoying little Shopkins toys your child moans at you for? Get looking through them - it's time to get some money back! Some of them are pretty rare and can fetch as much as £201!

Five year old Gracie Davis, from Farnworth, near Bolton bought a Shopkins three figure variety pack with her pocket money. Little did she know what treasure was inside.

On opening the pack, she discovered a limited edition figure called 'Gemma Bottle'. It was number 0518 of only 2500 made.

Her Mother, Jessica Davis accidentally discovered the potential value of this 'rare' Shopkins figure when she was trawling eBay for other Shopkins toys. On sharing the news with her little girl, they decided to pop the 'Gemma Bottle' figure on eBay.

After a slow start and plenty of watchers, the Shopkins toy had an influx of bids at the end and sold for a total of £201.67. I am sure you will agree that's a LOT of money for something that cost £2.50 for a pack of three.

So, there you have it. Get looking through the kids Shopkins figures and make some money. After all, you need it to fund the purchases of more Shopkins toys!

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