Have You Seen The Evilstick Toy? *WARNING* Contains Disturbing Images!


Eeek! I am not sure I have EVER seen something so disturbing. On perusing the internet this morning,  I couldn't help but notice this absolutely hideous picture trending. Okay, so we are used to seeing shocking images online, but this is very different! This is a CHILD'S TOY! Flaming heck! There's less gruesome content on some XBox games that are certified for eighteen year olds and above.

This "Evilstick" toy is on sale at the $.100 store, Ohio, USA, and is said to still on the shelves, even after it's many complaints from parents that have innocently purchased this for there child. Do you agree that this should be withdrawn immediately?

The whole PlayPennies team have been discussing this and we just can't figure out what element is more harrowing...the fact that there's a demonic picture in a toy aimed at little girls or the fact that THAT photo is of a little girl cutting herself.

I am sure the majority of you will agree that this should be taken off of the market. Let us know what you think, over on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

We suggest buying one of these Butterfly Wands* for your little angel instead from the ELC

Check this out!!! Absolutely horrifying!

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