Debenhams, Mothercare & ELC Introduce Charges For Click & Collect

Debenhams, Mothercare & ELC End Free C&C

Just last week Tesco decided to drop its controversial charges for their Click & Collect service, but today has seen three other retailers introduce new charges for Click & Collect.

As of today Debenhams, Mothercare and ELC have all scrapped the free click and collect on small orders and introduced new charges.

Debenhams* now charge £2 for click and collect orders under £20, with orders over that amount being free.

Mothercare* and ELC* now charge £1.50 for click and collect orders under £30, with orders over that amount being free.

When Tesco Direct introduced their charges, following on from the lead of John Lewis, it was am extremely unpopular change, and many of you told us that it stopped you placing orders from Tesco Direct at all. They must have been hit hard to stage an about turn and reverse those charges, so it seem odd that three major retailers have decided to go in the opposite direction and start charging.

Is this a dangerous move for Debenhams, Mothercare and ELC? Are they introducing it at this time of year in the hope that we get used to it by the time we get into our Christmas shopping? Or will these charges just put you off shopping with those companies altogether?

What do you think of these new click and collect charges. Have stores been forced into doing this to make the service sustainable? Will it make you stop ordering from them, or make you hit the high street rather than shop online? Let us know what you think in the comments or over on our Facebook page.

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  • Deby G.

    There are many things that put me off shopping with Mothercare this is just another to add to the list

  • Nicki M.

    Yes it will

  • Joanne S.


    • Gillian N.

      Why would you even bother? Ridiculous! X

  • Tina H.

    Sure will!

  • Arlene R.

    Absolutely!! Why would you even bother with click & collect if you have to pay for it. You'd be aswell to get it delivered to your home and save the effort of going to a store.

    • Rachael C.

      Yes. Why on earth would anyone pay to go and collect their own items? :joy: I don't order from sports direct because they charge you £5 to come and collect it.

    • Isobel A.

      If you have ever tried to get something delivered from elc you would go with click and collect every time!

    • Kirsty C.

      I always have stuff from ELC delivered to home and have never had a single problem. Maybe it's the delivery company they use in your area as all good here x

    • Emma R.

      Isobel Addison i agree!! I had a nightmare with them 2 years ago. Never again!

    • helenafiona

      Debenhams charge £3.99 for home delivery that can take up to 5 days to arrive.Delivery to the store is now £2 and most orders arrive the next day.Have you any idea how many people order countless items all separately to be delivered to the store only to decide they don't want any of them? This takes time and money for the staff to deal with.Why shouldn't Debenhams charge? After all, they are providing a service and a very successful one.How can you expect it to be free?Your order is processed and packaged and sent and delivered and booked into the store.Too many people  order far too much of things they don't even want and now  other customers have to pay to cover this.

      • sweet-Mum11

        The staff are paid a wages so its not free. Why should customers still pay an additional premium for the sane service that other shops provide successfully. staff are already being paid - so the company are just greedy... 

  • Fiona M.

    I don't know why they do it , can always find the product some where else .

  • Chloe P.

    Yes! Might as well just pay for home delivery!!

  • Kerry N.

    Yes it will

  • Becca R.

    I'll never pay to click and collect!

  • Hannah R.

    Yes, definitely. We only have a small Mothercare in our high street, so I often ordered things in.

  • Lyndsay M.

    ELC have a cheek, they are so outdated in that you can't even use their gift cards online!! Their products have gone downhill in quality too!

    • Steven O.

      Plus they're really expensive compared to other shops

  • Jenny C.

    Look at Tesco they did they same,charging £2. Made me stop shopping with them. And now Tesco are reverting to free instore picks up for a limited time.

  • Natalie H.

    The staff in my local mothercare are awful!

    • Elizabeth T.

      Exactly the same in my local mothercare, they are rude and try to avoid customer contact and they have no knowledge of any of the products they sell! x

    • Natalie H.

      They couldnt find a code to scan something the other day and none of them wanted to go out their way to sort it so I told them not to bother and walked out.

  • Charmaine J.

    Won't pay for click and collect will just vote with my feet and go elsewhere .

  • Diane F.

    Completely!! It's pointless them having click and collect I'd never pay for it :flushed:

  • Claire S.

    Went to our local mothercare yesterday to buy a moses basket mattress. They didn't have any in stock so said they could order it in for store delivery. Not a problem, apart from them charging £1.50 to do so (not our fault they haven't got it in stock) and my mum still has to drive over to the store to collect it!

  • Alyson G.

    Well does that mean they are going to plough this extra money in to stocking their stores better! That was the whole point in click and collect!! You see something online and 9 times out of 10 your local store doesn't have it! That will put so many people off. Just as well paying for the home delivery then. No point paying then having to use petrol to go and pick it up! Xx

  • Amber H.

    What a joke. Why would you choose click and collect if you have to pay for it! Another way for companies to make money I guess

  • Victoria B.

    Joke isn't it ...used to buy loads from Tesco and now they charge £2 ...!! Haven't bought since ...Shame with Debenhams as buy from them often xx I don't see why they have to charge to collect there own stock greedy buggers xx

  • Valerie M.

    Only when under £20

  • Sam C.

    My nearest elc and mothercare have moved miles away, so I don't bother with them anymore regardless of their click and collect!

    • Kathryn H.

      Same, not one within 25 miles of me so they've lost my business now

  • Sammie I.

    Ridiculous!! :rage:

  • Terean R.

    Delivery it is in future :wink:

  • Deborah B.

    It takes the piss, it's there in store so what am I paying for? Mat as well pay the delivery charge as it will probably be the same price

  • Sarah A.

    Tesco did this then have revoked it.... They will also follow. Most people will just do home delivery... Much more hassle for them or just not bother...

  • Nikki H.

    Always click and collect as our Debenhams has a extremely poor toy department probs look elsewhere now if this is the case

  • Victoria J.

    No way! :rage: xxx

  • Holley J.

    I shan't be using any where that charges. I have to pay that as well as the hassle of then driving to the store. ..ha may as well pay £1 more for delivery

  • Helen B.

    It would put me off might as well just pay for home delivery

  • Louisa D.

    I just discovered this today when ordering. I'm only doing it to get the right sizes I need. £1.50 isn't too bad I guess.

  • Danni T.

    Whats the point of paying for click and collect when i might as well have it delivered to home. I stopped shopping with tesco because they started charging £2!

    • Olivia R.

      And there website have gone awfull to buy clothes! :flushed: x

    • Nicky J.

      I agree

  • Helen G.

    If the reason behind it is that click and collect costs too much in terms of staff hours to deal with it, and the cost of storing items that have essentially been sold and are not creating any extra money, then they may as well offer free delivery instead. Win win!

  • Beth A.

    I went to mothercare the other day for mattresses but they didn't have any in stock so had to order online and its put me off click and collect that i have to pay so ordered for home delivery instead. Hate the fact im buying from mothercare to start with as think they have awful customer service but know their mattresses fit out moses basket and crib as they are from there.

    They will miss out on money really if people have home delivery instead of click and collect as if id of gone to the store id of had a look round the clothes etc

    And if its something i can order online from somewhere else with free click and collect id rather order from there x

    • Kim M.

      They only charge if it's under £30

  • Linda P.

    The whole point of using Click and Collect was to save on delivery costs!! I've already stopped using Tesco's service which I had used on numerous occasions. They get deliveries to the store anyway so it's not as if you're causing them much in the way of additional costs or inconvenience.

  • Kim R.

    Yes, you pay the fuel etc to get there anyway so may as well just do home delivery if you've got to pay x

  • Helen C.


  • Rheann M.

    What's the point? The hassle of getting to the store to pick up the item is only worth it if it's free! If they're gonna start charging then I'll definitely just be using home delivery!

  • Vikki L.

    Yes it does if they don't charge free delivery!

  • Emma B.

    John Lewis charge for it as well

  • Nat M.

    Definitely, I don't want to pay delivery charge thanks. X

  • Olivia R.

    pointless!! You pay petrol going to get it on top of the C+C charge and sometimes even have to pay for parking, might aswell get it delivered to home x

  • Emma E.


  • Angela H.

    Well they can be prepared to lose even more custom!

  • Vicky L.

    I stopped shopping at tesco online not paying for click an collect

  • Rachael H.

    Yes it does put me off! I thought the reason why it was free is that they all have daily/weekly deliveries anyway so they are not paying any extra having orders being bought in with deliveries. Also we are paying petrol/bus fayre to get the item so why should we pay £2 AS WELL. I will not pay to click and collect anywhere

  • Andrea B.

    Yea tesco started to charge for click n collect now they've stopped it bad for business

  • Claire C.

    :rage: bloody cheek!

    • Melissa G.

      Won't be getting my custom then !!!

    • Claire C.

      :joy:and I know you are deadly serious :rage:

  • Kirsten M.

    Tesco don't charge anymore!

  • Amar D.

    I'll be ordering to the required amount to get click and collect...then will return the stuff that I didn't actually want. Ways to get around these charges

  • Nikki G.

    When I order from the Mothercare site I pay for in store collection which is £1.50 as I refuse to pay £15 for postage to the Channel Islands. I don't mind paying but our staff here are useless; they lose items, don't inform you when the order has arrived (this has happened to me often) and on occasion, I have waited 2 weeks for a few items of clothing when on the site it stated a 3-5 day wait.

  • Lyndsay S.

    So are Dune....£2.50. I still shop with them but it's a nonsense!!:rolling_eyes:

  • Jan T.

    If they don't have it in store I will try somewhere else to get a similar product probably amazon with free delivery

  • Elaine M.

    Grr this really annoys me. Why bother offering the service. Also the expensive delivery of half these shops annoy me too eBay and Amazon all the way!

  • Kirsty B.

    Yup. Why would I pay to collect it from the store when it's probably an inconvenience to get to them... Id pay to have it delivered to me at home... No incentive to use click & collect

  • Sarah S.

    Yes. My local mothercare is so small it rarely has anything suitable for my son. I like ordering online a top here and there and little bits from time to time, but it wouldn't be worth it if I then have to pay to go collect my order on top of bus travel cost :/ no more orders from me I'm afraid

  • Lisa B.

    Without a doubt!!:speak_no_evil: A journey for something that MIGHT be in stock, is often a wasted journey!

  • Elle H.

    Tesco tried this option and now gone back to making it free! I wonder why? It's ripping off consumers!

  • Jenny J.

    Disappointing. Will be shopping elsewhere then

  • Kaleigh O.

    Oh can no one do anything anymore without trying to make money. Definitely puts me off. If they don't have that item in their store and you have to order it, why should you have to pay extra for their failure???

  • Shauni H.

    That's stupid that. It'll force people to spend more haha xxx

  • Laura H.

    Absolutely. I refuse to pay for click and collect, I'd rather pay for home delivery. I think it's really cheeky charging for c&c anyway, as most people would spend money in store buying impulse buys when they collect their orders anyway. Now by forcing people away from c&c and back to home delivery they'll lose out on incidental sales. Bad move.

  • Colette M.

    Sooooo cheeky! Where is their cost? They are delivering to their stores anyway! Annoys me sooooo much!

  • Amanda D.

    Yes.. no point paying for it to be delivered in store when you can just pay to have it delivered to your home...

  • Juliette H.

    Personally, at Debenhams, I would pay £20 to get free click and collect and then return what I don't want in the store. Wouldn't pay for delivery

  • Leanne C.

    so did boots like 18m ago

  • Lisa T.

    Our local Mothercare closed so I do click and collect for the nearest (30 mins away) so I know it will be in stock when I get there. What is the point now...

    • Katy T.

      Delivery charge is cheaper than fuel! John Lewis charge £2 for click and collect now! Disgusting!

    • Lisa T.

      yes. I've stopped doing that too :see_no_evil:. It's terrible. Xx

  • Becci C.

    I won't be shopping now. I'll go to free shops. Mothercare sell little bird and their items come in all the time at different stages so u have yo order one item at a time. So that would be an extra few quid on top, which is not my fault but theirs! Mothercare are struggling as it is so this is a majorly bad move for their own interests I should think

  • Jade K.

    Id rather just go in store and pick it up off the rack for free... or pay for home delivery? Not pay to pick it up! Pffffft

  • Tracy M.

    Yes I went elsewhere today for that reason x

  • Lynsey H.

    I often get things from Debenhams using click and collect as it is close to where I work and I can get them in my dinner hour. Won't be anymore

    • Sarah W.

      Same here!

  • Sarah N.

    I stopped with tesco glad they changed it , now debenhams I won't be doing click and collect i will do home delivery instead

  • Angela W.


  • Kim H.

    No would rather go instore to shop!!

  • Jodie K.

    Complete joke!! I certainly wont be doing click and collect again

  • Amanda A.

    The shops started click and collect to combat lost footfall due to so many people shopping online...where I used to work you were rewarded with a voucher that you had to spend in store (not online). Click and collect went crazy and took up lots of space in the stockroom and lots of time sorting deliveries. I think shops have now realised that it isn't drawing in enough I store sales to warrant free collection and are now back tracking. But it could also we because Christmas is coming and free delivery to store might come back in the new year when the stores are quiet again and aren't holding so much stock?

  • Alice J.

    Yess it puts me off! The whole point of click and collect is so you get free delivery :joy: albeit probably spend more in petrol to get it but ohwell haha!

  • Kim M.

    Mothercare are doing it as a trial anything under £30 is £1.50

  • Lou F.

    What a con!! I'll just pay delivery, less hassle if i have to pay to go out and collect it anyway. These corp businesses will try anything to squeeze a bit more out of the consumer.

  • Beth C.

    Puts me off shopping with them...surely offering free click and collect gets more people into the stores and potentially another sale...

  • Samantha P.

    Yes it does - why should you pay when you're collecting it yourself?? Won't be online shopping with them anymore :rage:

    • Jennifer S.

      Agree! Always chose click and collect to avoid delivery charges!

  • Nicola O.

    Oh well, just gives even more of my trade to Amazon!

  • Annabelle H.

    I order from mothercare all the time and drive from Blackpool to Preston to collect! No way would I pay to do that! Rather pay postage or not bother ordering from them

  • Emma T.

    It really puts me off. Will be hitting the shops early to advoid the christmas rush x

  • Emma R.

    It says to me that they are struggling companies and that they are finding a way to claw in extra money! The debenhams near me is always empty... id be suprised if it lasted another 5 years.

  • Lucy B.

    Thought it was odd.. As I went to order Lucille a pinafore dress for nursery earlier and it said £2 for orders under £20.. Figured other stores would jump on the band wagon as soon as tesco started charging.. Asda will be next.

  • Tina R.

    ya i bet thy will sainsburys mite follow as well

  • Louise B.

    Joke! If they had it in store to begin with I wouldn't need to click and collect!

  • Lucy B.

    Yeah I think your right.. Sainsburys is free for orders over £15 usually stores make it free if you spend over a certain amount.

  • Tina R.

    Sure all the shops want is money lol

  • Jamie B.

    What an absolute disgrace they'll be charging you to shop in store soon

  • Lucy B.

    Yeah I know.. They have the cheek to charge us for going to pick up our own items. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Claire R.

    Ah bummer

  • Ellie C.

    Absolutely!!! I refuse to pay for click and collect. Recently I needed something from Peacocks who wanted £2.50 (I think) for click and collect. Instead I called 3 out of the 5 stores in driving distance and got one of them to reserve the item for me. Even better it was the store with free parking. Ok, so it took an extra 5 mins to call around the stores but it's the principle.

  • Mary G.

    I don't shop in any of these shops but just take sometime out and read your customer feed back and maybe u will.not close like Woolworths ,BHS ECT

  • Sara H.

    This was the main reason I do click and collect to SAVE on delivery charges! And I won't be shopping with them anymore.

  • Bethany U.

    Very off putting have seen a couple of stores start this. For the sake of an extra £1 usually you can get it delivered. It's annoying as it's convenient for some to click and collect but someone is usually home anyway so if I want it that much I'll now have it delivered

  • Kimberley H.

    I think it will really put people off using the service, it seems completely pointless to even offer it if you might as have it delivered!

  • Lorraine C.

    Oh no! :cry: Definitely wouldn't pay for it.

  • Nicky J.

    It's an odd decision. Most times I've used click and collect, I've ended up seeing something I didn't think I needed and bought it too. I thought click and collect would get more people in store and spending rather than delivering to the door.

  • Rachael S.

    Definitely puts me off! Why would i pay for click and collect when its my own time and fuel to pick it up. Might as well pay for delivery, thats if i dont find it elsewhere x

  • Ceri R.

    This is why I like Amazon ha

  • Samantha A.

    Not when they use yodel as the delivery company it doesn't! I would rather pick up from store and pay!

  • Gemma H.

    I normally do click and collect for mothercare/elc but Friday afternoon I spent over £50 and got free home delivery. I could have spent £4.95 on fast track/pick a day but figured I wasn't in a rush for it (Christmas presents) so stuck with the freebie - it turned up Saturday morning!!! Excellent service!

  • Laura T.

    Yip puts me off buying from them. Tkmax do it to but only click and collect from certain shops and I am sure it's 2.99. I hate paying delivery charge for some things but defo won't pay a charge for click and collect if it's not in their store y should u b charged for ordering it into the store :rage:

  • Christine C.

    i know. Joke.

  • Samantha T.

    Puts me off!!

  • Rachel B.

    No I would not pay for click and collect, I had a similar issue recently with peacocks wanting to charge £2.50 for click and collect which I was not willing to pay it should stay free

  • Caroline F.

    I refuse to pay for click and collect anywhere. It's a total joke that tesco and other stores are charging a fee for not actually doing anything!

  • Kirsty M.

    not just us moaning about it :joy:

    • Nat D.

      Omg elc too!!!! Where can we shop now! :rage:

  • Beth C.

    I won't pay!!!!!!!

  • Lisa C.

    Sports direct do this also

  • Paul B.

    With the high street struggling you'd click and collect at least increases footfall into your store...

  • Kelly S.

    Won't be doing it anymore then. The only reason I do it is because it's free & fast. When you've got children in tow it's hard to go shopping without being stressed out so click & collect was great, walk in, go to till, get parcels & go. I'd rather just have it delivered home now!

  • LucyR

    I work in debenhams and see how hard the click and collect staff work, as it approaches Christmas they will be rushed off their feet and not only do they need to serve customers but they need to do the deliveries which often means they borrow people from other till points. The charge will be to reduce the amount of people using the service so it becomes manageable as the service costs a lot of money for the company.  Buying more items in one order is less hassle than many items in different packages as it wastes staff time. It may not be ideal for customers but think how hard we need to work over Christmas to try please you all.

    • Fluff81

      Well I ordered a lot from Debenham click and collect now as I have 13 miles to store may as well have it posted as charged anyway... I think it's terrible u get charged to pick up ur own items

  • iamsick66

    won't buy from any store that charges for click @collect 

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