Heads Up: FREE Click & Collect Starts Tomorrow @ Tesco Direct

Heads Up: FREE Click & Collect Starts Tomorrow @ Tesco Direct

How annoying was it when Tesco Direct introduced those Click and Collect charges for orders under £30? It's put me off shopping for those smaller purchases which is a shame, since Tesco Direct are sometimes the cheapest for things.

Thankfully, a little birdie has told us, that from tomorrow Click and Collect will be FREE!

Click and Collect normally costs £2 when if your order costs £29.99 or less. From tomorrow, it won't matter how much you spend since Tesco Direct are temporarily waiving that C&C charge. Woo hoo!

We don't know how long it's running for, but you can be sure we'll tell you as soon as we find out.

Don't forget that Tesco Direct are also offering up to £25 off when you spend £40 and over. See more about that deal here.

Thanks to Josh1092


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  • Gemma F.

    Probably because they have realised that people will shop elsewhere instead. They've taken away the homeplus near us which used to stock so much... then they charged for click and collect at local store. Ridiculous!

    • Lucy A.

      I was just about to place an order with them!!! Will wait till tomorrow :) xx

      • Vikki C.

        Me too haha :grin:

      • Laura �.

        I havent shopped with them since they got greedy and ill continue to boycott :punch:

        • Lynn D.

          Maybe they will sort the clothing website too as its awfull xx

          • Ria-Louise B.

            Agree can't find anything easily on there now

            • Kayla F.

              Yes! I used to buy quite a bit from there but the new set up is terrible

              • Lynn D.

                It is I have complained on there Facebook page too. I always use to get loads off there but soon as it changed I have got nothing so they must be losing money cause ano loads have said its bad. Maybe if everyone complained about it they might listen xx

                • Emma B.

                  Glad it's not just me who struggles I still buy loads off there due to my partners staff discount but takes ages to find anything

                  • Melanie A.

                    Completely agree. Haven't bought any clothing from them online since they moved it to Tesco direct :confused:

                    • Lynn D.

                      Should complain on there Facebook page the more people say it's awfull the better then they might change it bk lol xx

                      • Kerrie M.

                        I haven't brought anything either due to same reason, it's too much Agg, i used to spend loads aswell x

                      • Toni C.

                        Think they realised that they are loosing money I haven't shopped online with them since because won't spend only £20 and get charged for it

                      • Claire H.


                        • Cheryl C.

                          I haven't used it since they started charging ... Clothes have been crap and then having to pay to collect them.. :thumbsdown:

                          • Becky M.

                            Good. There's been so many items I bought elsewhere as didn't want to have to pay for click and collect. Hope some of the others follow suit too

                            • Louise T.

                              I haven't bought anything since that

                              • Melanie F.

                                Fab ! I have missed loads of bargains on there since it stopped as I don't want to pay extra !

                                • Cathy W.

                                  just in time for me ordering lol xx

                                  • Rebecca M.

                                    Lol funny we were just talking bout this! Hope it's back for good xx

                                    • Cathy W.

                                      Hopefully. I've just checked n that doll is out of stock lol. Just my luck xxx

                                      • Rebecca M.

                                        typical eh xx

                                        • Cathy W.

                                          Aye :angry:

                                        • Giedre C.

                                          About time!

                                          • Kayla F.

                                            Good, there's been quite a few good offers I've seen but not good enough to pay for click & collect.

                                            • Victoria W.

                                              About time !

                                              • Sarah A.

                                                Good!! I havnt bothered using them for click and collect since they did that! Clearly loosing money!!!

                                                • Helen D.

                                                  Should think so too!

                                                  • Zoe P.

                                                    About time xx

                                                    • Catherine S.

                                                      Typical - I've just ordered online today!!!

                                                      • Rebecca L.

                                                        Yay!!! Thought they might !

                                                        • Jill P.

                                                          Get In!!