Booster Cushion Ban For Younger Children Coming Soon

Booster Cushion Ban For Younger Children Coming Soon

There are changes coming to the laws around car seats for children, and this will mean that backless booster seats or booster cushions will be banned for use for younger children.

Under present regulations booster cushions can be used for children weighing as little as 15kg, that can be from around 3 years of age, but from December of this year they will be restricted to use by children taller than 125cm and weighing more than 22kg.

This is seen as a big step forward by safety campaigners, many of whom want to ban the use of booster cushions altogether as they have been proven to be much less effective that high-backed booster seats.

To confuse matters slightly, the new regulations regarding minimum height and weight requirements for booster cushions will only apply to new products on the market, and parents will still be able to continue using the cushions for younger children if they are bought before December 2016. Exactly how this will be policed is uncertain, as how someone will know when a seat has been purchased will be difficult to determine.

Backless booster seats or booster cushions will not be banned completely, though safety campaigners still urge parents to choose high-baked boosters because they offer much more protection in an accident, especially those with side-impact protection.

You can find the current regulations on car seats here along with independent advice on which style to choose.


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  • Charlotte C.

    read the article please. might buy a car seat like I have for my house for your car if you want?

    • Kym R.

      When I saw this video last year I got my daughter a trillo lx to replace her booster seat, she is 6 and 115cm, she is much more comfortable when sleeping in the car as well as being much safer. Lots of high back boosters are available for a good price. I am definitely pleased that this law is being introduced, as well as extended rear facing, although 15m is still early to forward face it's a move in the right direction for car safety.

      • Daisy M.

        Is that the joie one? I've been looking into that one for my heavy 3 year old. Nervous to make the swop!

        • Kym R.

          Yes, it's a great seat, easy to belt up, my daughter weighs 3st 3lbs. She loves the cup holders!

          • Mariana B.

            I have a recaro young sport and have a Cosy & Safe as a spare in my car. My daughter is 7yrs 8mnths and I still use the high back on them. Ill use them until she grows out them. I hate booster seats! The cosy and safe one is £37 down from £100 in Tesco just now. Its a 1-2-3 and is brilliant if anyone is looking for one.

          • Bagya S.

            , read this

            • Sarah B.

              , read the article, they're changing the law about booster seats, the video is crash test dummy.

              • Abbie L.

                not sure what Joey has x

                • Tracy B.

                  this is what I was talking about! The new law coming in x

                  • Stephanie E.

                    look this, no way we taking the back off her seat

                    • Jacqueline M.

                      this ain't gonna please Ryan! X

                      • Laura U.

                        Lol he won't be happy but it's tough xx

                        • Jacqueline M.

                          I see babies need to be rearward until 15 months too! X

                          • Laura U.

                            Oh do they xx

                          • Louise B.

                            for future ref!

                            • Lisa W.

                              do you know this?? Cx

                              • Susan R.

                                Kinda common sense really to be fair. If u think about it. Visualise it and think about it and of course if that's where the belt Is that what the body is going to do :disappointed: I think lol. Maybe just me our backless booster stays at her grans only for emergency... better than nothing xx

                                • Lisa W.

                                  Lol yeah that's obvious but what I meant was did you know that it's going to be law lol xx

                                  • Susan R.

                                    Aww lol no i didn't know it was law, but I'm sure they will shout about it on the radio pmsl :joy::joy: jist like they did the fines for not wearing a seat belt lol xx

                                    • Lisa W.

                                      Pmsl xx

                                    • Kelly A.

                                      This is all fair and well, but what happens when you can't fit them in your bloody car??? Someone needs to come up with a slim line one that can fit 3 across a "standard size car" it's very frustrating!!!

                                      • Sophia S.

                                        Thank god!!! Someone said it!! I have 3 children all under 5 and the car seat situation is murders :rage::rage::rage: no joke if someone did make such a car it would fly out the amount of people I no with this problem is unreal!

                                        • Helen L.

                                          I can fit 3 high back boosters in the back of my small 08 plate seat leon. It's not easy to plug in admittedly (if car makers would fit the seat belt plugs to the side next to the door this would essentially resolve this issue) but it can be done properly and safely.

                                          • Sophia S.

                                            I have one in a newborn car seat one in a second stage car seat and one in a high back booster I'd love to find a car that caters for this lol!

                                            • Kelly A.

                                              I agree :) my brother & gf are now expecting twins and will have a 20month old too its impossible to find a 5 seater car, it's not fair that people have to buy bigger..... I just about fit my seats in, but that's not with out having to move two every time we need to buckle up.... And my 6 yr old is now going to have to go back in to a high back which won't fit in with my other seats :(

                                              • Sophia S.

                                                It's so aggravating I'm all for the safety issue but please make it at least do-able!! They should let the mums & dads design a car ! :grimacing:

                                                • Jen J.

                                                  It only applies to new products on the market so if the booster cushion is bought prior to the new law it can be used. I have the exact same problem. We actually bought a 7 seater but it was so costly to run we had to go back to a smaller car. It's a nightmare!

                                                  • guest

                                                    Sophia S if you put the stage 2 seat in the middle it helps. I have my forward facing stage 2 in the middle, baby rear facing behind driver and high back booster behind passenger.

                                                    • guest

                                                      Helen L M is there space between your seats? I was told that unless there's an arm width between each car seat it's not safe. Reason being that in the event of a crash if you can't get to the buckle to release the strap then it's too dangerous (harness buckles are ok though apparently) So I'm just so confused as to what to do!!

                                                      • Tracey D.

                                                        my daughters now 8 she uses a standard booster, and basically she looks ridiculously scrunched up inthe back fitting car seat!! shes very tall but not at the restricted height,

                                                      • Gail H.

                                                        this will impact you x

                                                        • Jacqueline M.

                                                          This is very misleading. The change in law isn't going to happen over night. I suggest people look this up for more information.

                                                          • Louise L.

                                                            Just saw this a min ago!

                                                            • Emma S.

                                                              mind we were talking about booster seats!

                                                              • Louise L.

                                                                Oh aye ! Actual fuck that

                                                              • Rachel H.

                                                                - weight and height limits changing..

                                                                • Ashley M.

                                                                  I'll get one bbe no problem xxx

                                                                  • Pat C.

                                                                    Just as well I bought the seat I did maybe costs more but worth the money x

                                                                    • Lindsay T.

                                                                      Have u seen this ?

                                                                      • Kerry J.


                                                                        • Jackie G.

                                                                          Ffs just bloody bought one!!!!