Bin The Booster Campaign Launched By Britax

Bin The Booster Campaign Launched By Britax

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Britax have today launched a campaign called Bin The Booster, aimed at showing parents the difference in safety between high backed booster seats and the cushion style booster with no back or side protection.

There is a very powerful video accompanying the campaign showing crash test dummy footage comparing the performance of the two types of seat in an impact. Here is what Britax say about it:

Today, we have launched our Bin the Booster campaign to help parents understand the very real risks in opting to use booster cushion seats this summer vs a highback booster seat. See the huge difference in safety in this crash test footage recorded in our own test centre in Andover UK. Help us spread the word by sharing ‪#‎BintheBooster‬

Although Britax only make high backed booster seats, booster cushions are approved for use in this country, many parents use them every day and like the convenience that they give, especially when moving between cars or on holidays. Booster cushions have to pass rigorous safety tests to be able to be sold, but Britax believe that if side impacts were included in the testing most of them would not pass.

What do you think of this Britax campaign and do you plan to Bin The Booster?


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