Argos Recall: Chad Valley Pipsie the Interactive Horse

Argos Recall: Pipsie the Interactive Horse

Argos have today issued a recall notice for the child's toy Chad Valley Pipsie the Interactive Horse due to safety concerns.

The fault is not with the toy horse itself but with the little apples that the horse comes with, as they could come apart and the magnet inside presents a choking hazard and could lead to internal injuries is swallowed.

Instead of returning it to the store Argos are asking customers to dispose of the apples that come with the toy, and are offering replacement 'cupcakes' for the horse to eat instead.

You can request your replacement parts here*, and the recall notice appears on theArgos website here*.

Here's the notice in full:

Important safety notice – Product safety warning

Chad Valley Pipsie the Interactive Horse (Catalogue Number 404/6510)

(Notice added 6th July 2016)

A fault has been identified where the apples could break apart and release the internal magnet. This is a choking hazard and if ingested could lead to internal injuries.

Please note that there have been no reported customer incidents.


If you have a Pipsie the Interactive Horse please remove the Apples immediately and dispose of them with normal household waste.

As a replacement to the apples, we are offering customers a pair of cupcakes for Pipsie to enjoy which will work in the same way.

To register for your replacement cupcakes please visit:

Any questions?
We're here to help. Just call our Customer Service team on 0345 600 5388 (UK) or 1800535091 (Republic of Ireland).

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  • Gemma H.

    @argos what's going off. Xx

  • Toni C.

    Really, swapping apples for cupcakes, horses don't eat cupcakes.....

  • Purdey L.

    OMG :dizzy_face:xx

  • Gilly R.

    Shame they aren't refunding, my apples are fine it's the dodgy legs that I have a problem with. :grin:

  • Danielle L.


  • Abbie R.

    It's just the apples, you can send off for free cupcake replacements, and keep Pipsie :horse: x

  • Alicia H.

    oh no! :worried: x x

  • Sam H.

    oh yeah!!! Our apples fell apart almost straight away!!! Will get the cupcakes instead! Thanks love x

  • Emma H.

    Yep. Cupcakes!!:joy:

  • Christine M.

    Replacement parts already ordered :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Caroline D.


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