Toy Story Storybook Pillow Set £5.00 @ Wilkinson

Toy Story Storybook Pillow Set £5.00 @ Wilkinson

Toy Story 3 Storybook Pillow

The Toy Story buzz continues with this storybook pillow set, 1/3rd of it's original £15.00, it's now only £5.00 at Wilkinson

Forgive me if you all knew about these already, but it's the first time I've ever seen a pillow-storybook. How cool is that?! Obviously I'm rather new to the world of children's accessories...

Annnnnnyway, this 8-page Toy Story 3 pillow is a complete storybook. It comes with a large Buzz Lightyear bookmark, and is 30cm long, making it big enough for a child's pillow. It is 100% polyester.

While you're on the website, have a browse around some of the other Toy Story 3 merchandise they stock as there are some pretty good offers to be had right now, such as 60% off the Toy Story Night Light & Torch Rechargeable, and 20% off the Disney Toy Story Scooter.

Delivery adds a bit to your order, at £4.95, but reserving for instore pickup is free.

This pillow-storybook should make quite a few Toy Story 3 fans very happy indeed!


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