Thomas the Tank Engine Rotary Duvet Set £9 @ Asda Direct

2114791 There seems to be a sudden wave of funky children’s bedding hitting the markets lately and this is no exception. Here is a tasty Thomas duvet set that little ones will love for a mere £9 at Asda Direct.

The delivery charges on this deal are ridiculous I must add. Charging almost £6 to deliver a duvet set when I’ve seen tables and wardrobes delivered for less, is taking the mickey. So I would suggest that you book yourself one to collect instore instead.2116016

There are several other sets sitting at the same price including Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer, Ben 10, Disney Cars, Star Wars and Hello Kitty to name just a few. In fact, you can nab yourself some lovely fleece blankets with character prints on them for as little as £4.50 so go ahead and have a fun shop.

Just remember to avoid paying for delivery!

Thanks to  andywedge at HUKD!

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