Thomas My First Ready Bed Review

7 February 2011

Thomas My First Ready Bed 1 When my son was 2, I bought the Thomas My First Ready bed. We were on a trip out to see my family in New Zealand, and we were going to be staying in a lot of different places. I thought it would be a good idea to take something like this with us, so he'd always have a familiar bed. Even if the place we were staying was strange, his own bed would be there waiting for him.

It was a nice idea, but the problem is that I bought it a couple of months before we left and then forgot. I only remembered it when we were actually in New Zealand. Which was probably just as well because although it is fairly small, about the size of two rolled up sleeping bags, it is still rather bulky.

On the plus side, it has become what I wanted - a familiar place for him to sleep no matter where we might be. He calls it his cosy bed. And at the age of five and a half he still fits the bed too. Luckily he's just at that age where he still enjoys watching Thomas and doesn't see it as babyish in any way. Here's pictures of him asleep in the bed on a recent trip to spend the weekend with family.

The Thomas My First Ready bed came with its own pump, and takes just minutes for (my husband) to blow it up. The built in sleeping bag is warm enough for the average hotel room, but I wouldn't want to try it any place without good heating or insulations.

It has a built in 'pillow' and that's one thing I really would like to change. It does bother my son that he has to have a pillow, whether he wants it or not, and that it isn't one he can move.

Thomas My First Ready Bed

The manufacturer's description describes the cover as soft and cosy, and it certainly is that. It's also removable, so easy to keep clean.  There is a bed head section, but you don't have to inflate this if it isn't needed. It has side air bumpers, which is handy for younger children still used to sleeping in toddler beds, so they don't roll out. It also comes with a carry case.

I don't know if they're all the same colour but our Thomas My First Ready bed is red, and has a handle for easy carrying. Also it is made of fairly tough, robust material. And it is quite a bit larger then the bed and its pump, so there's room in there to stash additional bedding.

Toys R Us sell the Thomas My First Ready Bed for £32.99. Standard delivery is £4.95 or you can collect in store.


  • Naomi M.
    We have one of these too, but ours doesn't have the bumpers - they are a great addition because my little boy tends to roll off (he's a bit of a wriggler). we take ours camping (but if it's chilly it does need a blanket over the top) and it can be handy for hotel visits when they're little and don't get their own bed and for visiting friends and family. Mine was a bargain, because it cost £2 from a car boot sale :)
  • Lynley O.
    Maybe the newer version has the bumpers? I would definitely take it camping, it's a good size for that. At 5 he's getting too long for it, but he still fits, so I'll keep using it until his legs are hanging off the bottom! For camping, a proper sleeping bag is still needed as the cover is really too thin.

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