Taggies Safari Explorer/Huggable Hoot Door Jumper £14.99 @ Boots.com

Taggies Safari Explorer/Huggable Hoot Door Jumper £14.99 @ Boots.com

Taggies door bouncers

Have you got a baby that is full of beans? Then you need to have at look at these nifty door bouncers, so little tot can burn off all of that excess energy. Boots.com have halved the price of the Taggies Deluxe Door Jumpers (that's a bouncer, to you and I) from £29.99 to a very low £14.99. These are no where near as cheap elsewhere, infact, Debenhams are selling the Safari one for £38.

The Taggies Safari Explorer Deluxe Door Jumper is my favourite of the two, because of it's Lion theme. It is suitable for babies of six months and above and can take up to a weight of 25lbs.  There's lots of tags for little baba to chomp on as well as, plenty of attachments like the soft fabric lion and mirror to play with.

The Huggable Hoot version is the same structure but in an pink girly theme. It too has plenty of tags attached along with a soft toy and mirror.

Both versions have a padded seat that is fully machine washable, and provides adequate support for your little one. The jumper or bouncer is attached to a door frame by a sturdy clamp to ensure baby is suspended safely. There's straps that are adjustable for your baby's height and weight.

Both Taggies Deluxe Jumpers are available for collection from your local Boots store at a charge of £1.95 (free when you spend £20+) or pay £2.95 to have it delivered.


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