Spiderman Duvet Cover & Pillowcase £5.25 @ Tesco Direct

29 July 2014

spiderman duvet cover

We put a Spiderman duvet cover on here the other day and you lot were loving it. I have found another and this one is only £5.25 from Tesco Direct. It was previously selling for £14.

What caught my eye about this duvet cover and pillowcase set is that it is 180 thread count, so it is better than your standard children’s duvet set. Personally, for £5.25 I think something of this quality is worth it. It’s not quite luxurious but it will be better than many you will come across.

Spiderman is a popular choice with little boys right up to older ones, and I bet there’s a fair few girl fan of the sticky superhero too. If your son or daughter is into Marvel characters then this will gain you a few brownie points.

I will be snapping up a few of these for my sons. They are machine washable at forty degrees, which is perfect as I feel like I am forever washing bedding.

You can collect for free from your local Tesco store or pay £3.00 for delivery. Even when you factor in delivery, this is a good price. This item is included in the Clubcard Boost offer so this could end up costing little or nothing, if you have the clubcard points available.

Spending more? Then why not check out our vouchers section for Tesco eCoupons and lots more.

Thanks to grswgwr for the heads up on the price drop!


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