Robots Single Bed Duvet Set £2.99 @ Argos

Robots Single Bed Duvet Set £2.99 @ Argos


You can't beat having a few single duvet sets on hand when you have kids, apart from having spare duvet sets that only cost you £2.99!

It seems that the vast majority of the nation are going down with rather nasty cases of vom' and 'dire rear' bugs!

My youngest went down with it on Monday and very kindly passed it on to his two aunties and his nan - how very generous of him - and from talking with others it's spreading like wild fire all OVER the place.

This is when I start to feel rather smug about having lots of spare duvet sets in the airing cupboard, all of them just waiting to step into the breach and take over from a duvet cover that's headed for the laundry.

This Robots single duvet cover is on offer at Argos and has been reduce from £7.99 down to £2.99.

It's machine washable up to 40C (but really, we should all be washing at 30C or lower if we can get away with it) and it can be bunged in the tumble dryer too, if you need it back on the bed quickly.

It's 50% cotton and 50% polyester, reversible and a lovely little set for any robot fan!

Thanks to prettyprincess over at HUKD.


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