Pretty in Pink Play Gym £7.50 @ Asda

Pretty in Pink Play Gym £7.50 @ Asda

Bright Starts Pretty in Pink

One of those 'nice to have' things when there's a new baby around, is a play gym. Like so many other baby things, however, they outgrow them so fast that this Pretty in Pink play gym from Asda is perfect at £7.50, half of its original £15.

Of course it's not a necessity, but play gyms can be quite fun and useful in encouraging tummy time, which in turn helps prevent colic and stimulates independent neck lifting too.

On this Bright Starts play gym, you will find a plush flower pull toy with crinkle petals which plays four melodies, at least doubling the time it takes for the music to go from cute to torturous. It also contains a mirror for self-discovery and four links for attaching favourite toys and an easy to reach ring rattle and five extra toy loops.

The polyester mat gives baby a soft surface to lie on, hopefully massaging out all the trapped wind, leaving a calmer and happier baby and mummy.

The play gym can be ordered for home or store delivery from £4.95.

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