Flexible Kids Tubtrugs £4.49 @ Sainsburys

25 August 2010

tubtrugs2 Sainsburys currently have a bunch of these tubtrugs reduced by 75% and the kids range are down to £4.49. You can also get recycled ones for the garden that come in black, or different sets of kids ones in different colours. They are all down to £4.49, which is quite a nice bargain for storage.

I’ve never heard of these before and I absolutely love the name. It makes me think of fat trains and other such insane things. Yes, I probably do need help. I rather like these storage tins, they look big enough to store the bits of toy matter that seem to evolve in the various rooms of the house.

Down from their usual price of £17.99 to only £4.49 they also feel like a big fat bargain. Wahey! Thanks to our limited space in our tubtrugnew house we are constantly eyeballing clever storage solutions. This isn’t quite right for us because no matter how handy they are, you can still see what they are holding and that is one of my pet hates.

Have a messy cupboard, fine, as long as nobody can see it! Anyway, these may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Thanks to amibees at HUKD!


  • Emma K.
    I have one of these and they're very useful, but I had no idea they were called tubtrugs!
  • Nicola
    All out of stock online

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