XBox One Plus Windows Tablet Bundle For £349 @ Tesco

Tesco xBox & tabletFrom 7 November, Tesco will be running an XBox One offer, bundled with a Windows Tablet, for £349.

There's no news at the moment as to what tablet it is, apart from that it's a 7" Connect Windows tablet, so we'll have to wait and see really, but it is potentially a really good deal, and a fab one to keep an eye out or in the run up to Christmas. Either way though, the XBox itself sells for £329, so you're essentially getting a tablet for just £20.

This offer doesn't seem to be online yet, so you may have to hotfoot it into your local Tesco come the 7th, but if it goes online before then, we'll let you know!

Obviously this is only a great deal if you were on the market for an XBox One and a tablet anyway, but if you were it's potentially brilliant.

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