Trap Door DVD £2.99 @ Amazon

Trap Door DVD £2.99 @ Amazon

Now I don't know whether kids of today will 'get' Trap Door; each episode was only around four minutes long and featured basic, plasticine animation but, WOW, I loved it!  If you fancy taking a trip down memory lane for £2.99 then this Trap Door DVD featuring series one and two will do the job.

I just youTubed the opening theme to Trap Door and watched it; isn't it amazing how you can not have thought of something for the best part of 25 years, but can still remember the words or how the tune goes!

Forty glorious episodes of Trap Door are on this DVD, telling the tales of Berk, an overworked servant to 'Thing Upstairs' who, unsuprisingly, lives upstairs in a spooky castle.  Also living in the castle with Berk are his best friend, Boni, (a talking skull), Drut (Berk's pet spider), Rogg (a huge pink monster) and Bubo (as small yellow thing who annoys Berk a lot).

The premise is simple: Berk cooks and works hard for the Thing Upstairs and you should never, EVER, open the trap door!

Free SuperSaver delivery applies, so you'll only pay £2.99 for the Trap Door complete collection on DVD.

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