Toy Story 3: 3 In A Box Puzzle £3.49 @

Toy Story 3: 3 In A Box Puzzle £3.49 @

Puzzles are selling the Toy Story 3: 3 in a box 49 piece jigsaw puzzle for £3.49, with free delivery. The RRP is usually £4.00, so it's a 30% saving – or £1.50 in cold hard cash terms.

The three puzzles, suitable for ages 5 and over feature characters from the movie. Each puzzle is cut into 49 pieces and the reverse of each has different patterns so they can be readily sorted out before assembly.

The first puzzle has Jessie, Woody, Lotso, (who, honestly, was a very surprising character. I still don't get how he could be so mean with a name like that!) Slinky, Bullseye and Mr. Potato Head doing an excited looking little jig.

The second features Buzz, Woody, Jessie, and both Potato Heads, while the third has the boys, or rather, Buzz, Woody, Hamm and Rex and a few army men posing for their viewers.

If puzzles are, as Play claims, an “excellent way to encourage your child's observation, imagination and communication skills”, then this is a brilliantly priced way of doing so!

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD


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