Star Wars: The Clone Wars R2D2 Pocket Etch-A-Sketch £4.99 @

Star Wars: The Clone Wars R2D2 Pocket Etch-A-Sketch £4.99 @

R2D2Well helloooo R2D2! This is the ultimate geek companion, a R2D2 Etch A Sketch that fits neatly into your pocket. What else could your pocket protectors be for I ask you? This is a special edition Clone Wars variation on R2D2 that should rock your kid’s world. 

The R2D2 Etch A Sketch is easy to use, just flip up the cover and start drawing with the traditional two directional knobs. When you want to start again just shake R2D2 and it will erase. Perhaps you can become one of those artistic geniuses that create incredible art with the Etch A Sketch? 

Perhaps you can inspire your little one to become a master artist this way? It’s been marked down from £12.99 to £4.99 and this force fuelled price includes delivery. I’m deeply in love with the January sale actually, they’ve really thrown some fantastic stuff our way for fab prices. R2D22

If this R2D2 Etch A Sketch is not quite your Star Wars cup of tea never fear. also have DVDs, camping guides (yes, a Clone Wars camping guide – let me know what it does if you get one) and plenty more for sale. 

Thanks to millarcat at HUKD!


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