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12 November 2011

Oh my goodness! HOW much did I love Sesame Street when I was a little girl?  Only LOADS! Is it okay to buy yourself your own Christmas presents early? Actually, I don't care whether it is or not, this Seasame Street Old School Series 1 and 2 DVD set, for £14.99, is already in the virtual basket and I'll be checking out just as soon as I'm done with this post.

It's funny, I remember being irritated by the voices of the kids on Sesame Street and Big Bird wasn't one of my favourites at all, but I tuned in every week all the same.  I was waiting to see the Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch - he was the miserable one who lived in the 'trash can', remember? - those two were my absolute favourites; I adored them.

Six discs make up this Sesame Street Old School Series 1 and 2 DVD set and feature Big Bird (of course) and the Cookie Monster (hurrah!) and all the other Sesame Street gang.  Using a mixture of stories, games and cartoons, letters and numbers are become fun and easy to remember for little kids.

Thanks to thedizzyblonde10 at HUKD

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