Scooby Doo DVD Christmas Collection £3.95 @ Base

Scooby Doo DVD Christmas Collection £3.95 @ Base

Base have reduced the price of this Scooby Doo Christmas Collection DVD; they've brought it down from £12.99 to £3.95.

Scooby Doo, that beloved doggy, has stood the test of time and fought off all the young pretenders, that have come and gone, to remain a very firm kids' favourite.

I remember watching Scoob' when I was little; my mum would stop whatever it was she was doing to come and watch too - Scooby rocked in our household.

I've been rediscovering my love for Scooby Doo recently as my youngest, despite Ben 10, Star Wars Clone Wars, Bakugan and everything else modern, has developed a love for the guys (and dog) of Mystery Inc.

All of his Christmas presents are pretty much sorted now and I'm tempted to buy this Scooby Doo DVD Christmas Collection, just as an extra something.

Three festive episodes are on this DVD, so it's something you can put on when there's half an hour to kill, rather than know you'll be watching hours and hours of  Scooby - even with Scoob',  sometimes less really is more.

Base don't charge for UK delivery, dispatch is usually within 24 hours and your Scooby Doo Christmas Collection DVD should land on your doorstep three to five days after that.

Thanks to goonertillide at HUKD


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  • semitys
    The price is now showing as £6.99???
    • mydarkesthour
      It's showing as £6.99 for me too! Gutted!