Peppa Pig Ultimate 20 DVD Boxset £21.99 With Free Delivery

Peppa Pig Ultimate 20 DVD Boxset £21.99 With Free Delivery

If you have a Peppa Pig fan at home this is an amazing buy, as you can get the Peppa Pig Ultimate 20 DVD Boxset for just £21.99 with free delivery! That's a massive price drop of £58, and by far the lowest price I have seen.

This DVD Boxset contains 20 DVDs of Peppa Pig episodes, and apparently has a total running time of 1088 minutes! That means each DVD contains just under an hour of piggy fun for your little ones to enjoy.

This is going to keep the kid happy for ages, though whether parents can cope with this much Peppa Pig is debatable!

I might have to pick this up and just bring the DVDs out one a time rather than reveal exactly how many there are, just to keep myself sane and limit it to one hour at a time!


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  • Tiffany D.

    present for Chloe for no dummy at nighttime :relaxed::relaxed:

    • Stacey O.

      Joe wants this for Xmas :joy::joy:

      • Amy L.

        Wow that would keep him quiet lol how do i order:joy::joy: but im staying at yours till he gets board so that means im moving in make room :joy::joy: xxxx

      • Victoria E.

        Harvey would love this x

        • Britney E.

          Claires ordered em :blush:x

        • Danielle M.

          Lol she has enough peppa on tv lol

          • Lisa W.

            Thanks I'm tempted, it would save me space on our sky box x

            • Michael L.

              That's what sky, Netflix and Amazon video is for lol

              • Elaine P.

                Wowzers. This girl would love that! Me however lol xx

                • Nicola M.

                  :joy::joy::joy: We all love Peppa! X

                  • Sacha J.

                    Aww Scarlette would love that x

                    • Toni A.

                      Me & ben had a convo about this last night. We both said no to the box set :joy:

                      • Samantha W.

                        I just brought some episodes on iTunes so he can watch in the car :see_no_evil: lol xx

                        • Rachel A.

                          She had that for Easter :blush:x