Love Island Inspired Merchandise From Just £4.99 @ Wowcher

Love Island Inspired Merchandise

It's Saturday night which means no Love Island, booo! If you still need your Love Island fix then why not take a look at this Love Island inspired merchandise from Wowcher. Prices start from just £4.99.

Choose from the following:

These offers are for a limited time only so don't hang around if you want to order. Just purchase via the Wowcher website, they will then email you a unique code and a link to follow. Just add the item to your basket on the link, add the code and before you know it the item will be arriving at your door!

Home delivery varies per item, charges start from just £1.99.

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  • Chloe D.

    Water bottle :relaxed::relaxed:

  • Kat M.

    water bottles on sale!! X

  • Louise G.

    Hmmmmm i got the drink bottle last year - what can i get this year :thinking:

  • Amy L.

    Ahhhh let’s get the bottles!!!

  • Aldis R.

    I wonder if they transfer the names by hand. 'Aldis' is not really an "off the shelf kinda name" :joy::joy:

  • Shan H.

    They was £15-£10 gone cheaper now x

  • Sammy W.

    Ooo these are cheaper im def getting a water bottle :joy:

  • Jodie M.

    Ooooh thank. Might get a water bottle :grimacing:

  • Laura A.

    It’s wowcher I don’t know if it’s official ones xx

  • Hayley D.

    15 quid on the loves island shop arnt they x

  • Emma M.

    In fact I need them to live!

  • Tracy D.

    Weve got a hard month ahead! When u go on the link u can av socks and beach towels too.

  • Vicky E.

    Ooooh I should get him a late Father’s Day prezzie :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Tracy D.

    I want the case and the bottle! Lol

  • Sadie B.

    We could all get matching water bottles!!!!!!

  • Sophie S.

    I actually need it! :heart:

  • Kim N.

    I want the phone case :heart_eyes: x

  • Lisa R.

    Hahaha I wouldn’t mind the water bottle but that’s as far as I’d go :joy: Elliot loves it :see_no_evil:

  • Nikki P.

    Would get the water bottle :joy:

  • Sadie M.

    Yeah they have hoodies and all sorts Aswell xx

  • Annie B.

    I really want one as well :joy:

  • Sharon S.

    The Kendall one looks like my 8 year old wrote it on ms paint :joy:

  • Sophie S.

    It even has my name on it!

  • Maria C.

    15 for a water bottle is a bit steep, if I come into some money I'll buy you one :wink: x

  • Kimberley H.

    The phone cover is nice too...... but Kim looks a bit plain so would have to have Kimberley

  • Lucy B.

    I wouldn't want people knowing my name though haha. Though I want another bottle xx

  • Leanne H.

    These aren’t the proper bottles... I’ve had one from this series and it’s white on the top, same as last year :blush: x

  • Maria T.

    ill have to check it out lol

  • Chloe L.

    It’s not the proper water bottle xx

  • Vicky B.

    Nar not going for the phone case haha the water bottle is enough x

  • Melissa C.

    Already got my official love island bottle :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Kirsty I.

    Omg yes!!!!!!! I will definitely look the part then!!!!

  • Sophie D.

    Love how the example is Sophie, it was meant to be!

  • Marianne C.

    I need it all in my life !!:joy:

  • Bethany F.

    I think we all need to get the bag!

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