'Lost Without Love Island' Tees £6 @ Primark

'Lost Without Love Island' Tees £6 @ Primark

If you are a fan of Love Island (and we know that there are lots of you that are!) you need to get yourself to Primark! They have just released these 'Lost Without Love Island' t-shirts, and they are just £6 each!

They are available in selected stores only, and we expect them to sell out very fast indeed, so here's the stores they are going in to:

Oxford Street East, Oxford Street West, Lakeside, Bromley, Brighton, Reading, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow, Cardiff.

If you can't get hold of one of these then you could always get yourself aLove Island Personalised Mug and sup your tea or prosecco while reminiscing about the show.

Know someone who is feeling lost without Love Island? Tell them to get to Primark pronto!


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  • Michelle C.

    this is why I can't go to primark

    • Melissa Y.

      Non of these ones at local store only had the I use o be in the blazing squad one I got

      • Carley W.

        I'm going to apply for love island :palm_tree:

        • Paige W.

          Omg soo lost without love island! :joy: xx

          • Ali D.

            I'm team Olivia and Chris x

            • Sarah P.

              Inneed this a whole year without it now xx

              • Danielle W.

                I actually am so lost, not coping well

                • Sarah J.

                  I'm having major withdrawal symptoms, I'm watching the last two series but it's not the same

                  • Gemma L.

                    I have nothing to watch that was my peaceful hour :disappointed:

                    • Elyse S.

                      I want more Love Island!!!

                      • Louise R.

                        9 pm is not the same :sob::sob:x

                        • Mary C.

                          I need these!! This is how i feel..lost without love island lol xx

                          • Sarah B.

                            Not fair I'm not close to any of those stores and I'm desperate for a t shirt :persevere:

                            • Jade H.

                              I actually want one of these lol c

                              • Pamela A.

                                Saw this. Def not a team kember one ha x