Here's Where You Can Buy Yourself A Love Island Water Bottle!

Here's Where You Can Buy Yourself A Love Island Water Bottle!

You can't have failed to notice that the new series of the ITV2 show Love Island has hit our screens, it is everywhere right now! I must admit I haven't ever watched it until this series and now I am hooked!

Wherever I go people are talking about it and one of the things that everyone is asking is 'where can I get my hands on one of those personalised Love Island water bottles'!

Well we have found out for you and you can now grab one for yourself!

All you have to do is download the official Love Island App* where you will find the water bottles for sale. They are priced at £15 each and there is also a shipping charge of £3.40 so be prepared to spend out to get your hands on one!

However if you are desperate to buy one then get your orders in soon as these are going to fly out!

You can even personalise them with your name down the side just like the ones in the programme!

I am sooo excited, I can now watch Love Island whilst sipping from my very own Love Island bottle!

Picture courtesy of Love Island Twitter


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  • Kendall O.

    Ooh you can actually buy them!! Xx

    • Miriam L.

      we can pretend we are on love island x

      • Georgina Y.

        For £18.40 I'd rather go to the shop and write my name on a bottle :joy:

        • Michelle P.

          Seriously though! How much??? I'd rather get a primark drinks bottle and write my name with a sharpie!!!

          • Stephanie W.

            Does it come with a man?? :joy::joy:

            • Alison C.

              Maybe not at the price just saw it in comments!! £18.40!!!

              • Clair R.

                would a Sharpie not just do the same job?

                • Jessica L.

                  I know!!!! There on the app! £15 though, early birthday present? :joy:

                  • Liz B.

                    I Don't Drink Fizzy Drinks Either! Lol. I'll Get It & Jus Keep It In The Cupboard Of Things I Buy & Don't Use :laughing: Xx

                    • Julie S.

                      Haha love it but a bit pricey aren't they, we'll make our own xx

                      • Ellie M.

                        £18 for a bottle of water :open_mouth:

                        • Mehvish H.

                          On seconds forget that for £15 :sleepy::tired_face::joy::joy::joy::joy:

                          • Ellie M.

                            naa ill just write my name on one :joy:

                            • Liz B.

                              I'd Use It For A Couple Of Days Then The Novelty Will Wear Off! Lol. X

                              • Leona R.

                                eBay do stuff like that way cheaper

                                • Hannah M.

                                  Omg!!!! LOVE this!!! :joy::heart_eyes:

                                  • Hannah D.

                                    Me and alix want one. Haha

                                    • Rachel H.

                                      Although I don't watch it, these are pretty cool!

                                      • Emma K.

                                        I need 1 as well lol we both need 1 ha ha x

                                        • Sian W.

                                          Omg I want one! I've been saying to adam all weekend! X