Fireman Sam 10 Disc DVD Box Set £17.93 @ Asda

2 November 2010

firemanSam1 Here's a smoking hot deal on this Fireman Sam 10 disc DVD box set for your little firefighter.

I'm rather surprised I like Fireman Sam - he has all the potential to really get up my nose with his patronising can-do-no-wrong manner.

But he teaches fire safety you see, and ANY fire message that can be put across to little kids is a good thing in my book.

But not only that, Fireman Sam reminds me of days gone by as he, somehow, acheived cult status at my senior school.

I went to a girls school so maybe it was the whole 'fireman thing' that did it, I don't know. But what I DO know is you weren't 'in' if you weren't into Fireman Sam!

My youngest loved Fireman Sam a couple of years ago and used to giggle a lot at all the naughty things Norman Price got up to - he particularly liked the one where Norman got stuck up on the mountain with the sheep!

This Fireman Sam 10 Disc DVD boxset comes presented in a Jupiter case (Jupiter is the name of Fireman Sam's fire engine, in case you didn't  know) and is yours for £17.93.

It's over £21 in store and is an Asda exclusive, so it won't be available anywhere else - I've just spent far too long trawling the internet looking!

Thanks to hansky over at HUKD!

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