Facebox: Stencil Kit Tin £4.79 @ Play.com

Facebox: Stencil Kit Tin £4.79 @ Play.com

Oh man! I nearly fell over myself when I saw this Facebox Stencil Kit at Play.com. They’re selling it for £4.79 instead of £6.50 – not a huge saving, just £1.71, but not a bad price for hours of fun!

I have, in my box of school things, a book that someone in my class put together many, many years ago. He had done caricatures of the whole class, and we’d photocopied it and everyone got one. It was one of those ‘fad’ things that move through schools and it hung around for ages.  Everyone drew caricatures, even the artistically challenged like me. Our stencils were traced and shared, and we were never as sophisticated as this, but man, it was fun. It was memorable!

With the Stencil Kit Tin, you choose a head shape, then add hairstyles and features, such as sunglasses, facial hair or hats.

The three stencils in the kit apparently can create over 100,000 different faces. And as an added bonus you receive three felt coloured pens packed in the colour print tin too.


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