Dominoes Children's Wooden Picnic Table £13.99 @

Dominoes Children's Wooden Picnic Table £13.99 @

Is it just me or is this a really  good price for an outdoor picnic table for children? It's out of stock at Amazon, and at Mail Order Express, and the cheapest picnic table at Argos is £59.99. are selling this wooden picnic table for £13.99 including postage.

I don't know what's worse, really, the fact that we're all on about Christmas already, or the fact that were thinking of ways to escape the frost that touches our windscreen every morning already. Either way, having somewhere for children to sit outside will probably make it easier to get them outside when it's not very warm, but still sunny - nothing like a natural vitamin D hit.

While it's a lot cheaper, and it isn't a fancy sand or water table the Dominoes Picnic Table set is meant for gardens or patios and it's the perfect place for outdoor crafts and tea parties.

The table is supplied flat packed and pre-drilled and has apparently easy assembly instructions. Slightly confusingly, the description says that 'sand and accessories are not included' but the image doesn't make any 'mention' of either.


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