Disney's 101 Dalmatians Three Disc Boxset £8.99 @ Argos

Disney's 101 Dalmatians Three Disc Boxset £8.99 @ Argos

DalmationsArgos seem to be emptying out every last nook and cranny in their storerooms, they’re shooting out special offers faster than you can say “Omar Sharif”. This three-disc box set for £8.99 is no exception. The set includes 101 Dalmations, the original classic story, 101 Dalmations 2 and a bonus DVD. 

The original movie was released in 1961 and still oozes the charm and sweetness we loved as children. Cruella De Vil is as terrifying, and weird, as I remember her and the puppies so cute I could happily own a hundred of them myself. 

The second movie was released in 2001 and takes the journey forward to when the little puppies have grown up a bit more and want to start having adventures of their own. Patch, one of the little Dalmatians decides to go off on his own to meet his favourite TV star but unfortunately Cruella has not quite recovered from her obsession with spots... dalmatians2

I loved the first movie but have to confess to not enjoying the second, it seemed that some of the old magic was missing. Perhaps that’s just my inner child struggling to let go of an old favourite though. Kids will adore these movies and, I’m willing to bet, so will you. 

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