Disney Robin Hood DVD £6.49 @ HMV

16 August 2010

robinHood Disney's animated version of Robin Hood is one of my most favourite and I've already ordered my copy!

There are so many endearing characters in this cute little movie and, true to form, my favourites are the bad guys. 

The Sheriff of Nottingham is a fat, lazy slob; Prince John is just a snivelling, weak and cowardly character who tweeks his ear and sucks his thumb when he's upset or tired, and was voiced perfectly by Peter Ustinov.

It disturbs me slightly that it's classed as a classic - I'm hoping it's to do with the story rather than it's age, because Disney's Robin Hood was made in 1973 which would make me a classic too!!

disney's-prince-johnIf you don't have this DVD in your collection then I strongly recommend that you add it. It remains true to the original story, is action-packed and the story line moves fast enough to keep young minds interested but not so fast that it passes in a blur and they can't keep up.

HMV have reduced the price of Disney's Robin Hood down to £6.49 from £17.68 and there's no delivery to pay on UK orders either.

Thanks to lucerysmum over at HUKD!

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