Chuggington Rattling Rivets DVD Plus Limited Edition Die-cast Figure £4.99 @ HMV

13 September 2011

chuggingtonRattlingRivetsDVD HMV, and Amazon too, are selling this Chuggington Rattling Rivets DVD - complete with limited edition die-cast figure - for £4.99.

Now, I've just had a quick nosey around and discovered that the BBC shop are selling this DVD WITHOUT the die-cast figure for £5.75 instead of the £8.19 rrp.

And, bizarrely, Amazon are selling the non figure version for £4.99 as well; why would you buy the version that doesn't have the Limited Edition Old Puffer Pete Die-Cast Train, when you can spend the same money and have him included?

Anyway, there are six episodes for your little Chuggington fan to watch over and over and over

  • Rock-a-Bye Chatsworth
  • Old Puffer Pete’s Firebox
  • Poor Old Puffer Pete
  • Brewster Knows Best
  • Bubbly Olwin
  • Koko’s Puppy Training

You'll have to be a little bit patient though as the release date for this Chuggington Rattling Rivets DVD is 19 September.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD

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