Charlie & Lola DVD £2.99 @ HMV

Charlie & Lola DVD £2.99 @ HMV

charlieLolaI am completely thinking this deal is fabulous!

I tell you, if my eldest son and daughter got on as well as Charlie and Lola then I'd be one smug parent!

Lola's young, cute, cheeky and inquisitive; Charlie's a couple of years older, cool, good but not in an annoying goody-two-shoes kind of way and he's happy to spend time and play with his little sister Lola - how on earth did the parents manage THAT?!

Charlie and Lola is one of those unique creations that appeals to everyone right across the age ranges from toddlers to grandparents and both my teenagers regularly tune in - mind you they will watch just about anything, if the test card was the only thing on TV I reckon they'd watch that!

charlie-and-lolaThis fab little DVD features lots of your fav' C&L episodes, including: 'I Can't Stop Hiccupping', 'I Am Completely Hearing And Also Listening', 'Our Shop Sells Everything', 'I've Got Nobody to Play With', 'Thunder Completely Does Not Scare Me', 'I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses', 'It Is Very Special And Extremely Ancient', 'But Marv Is Absolutely Charlie's Best Friend' and 'I Am Inventing A Usefullish Invention'.

'Usefullish' - definitely a word that needs to be added to my vocabulary!

HMV have slashed the price of this DVD from £12.99 to just £2.99 which makes it an absolute bargain and delivery is free too; marvellous.

Thanks to lucerysmum over at HUKD!


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