Lloyds Pharmacy Promotion Codes (Think Mother's Day!)

lloydsBanner Roll up!  Roll up! Get your Lloyds Pharmacy promotion codes here!

Two for the price of one that's what I'm going to give you with this post so make sure you go right to the end.

This first Lloyds Pharmacy promotion code will save you 20% off products in the fragrance and beauty categories

  • Promotion Code: MDAY
  • Discount: 20%
  • Minimum Spend: None
  • Expires: 10 March 2010
  • Terms:  not valid on anything already discounted, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion code.

So, as a mother I'm going to drop subtle hints about Mother's Day because I think mothers should be cherished, spoiled, treasured and ADORED (every day would be nice, but at least once a year in addition to birthdays please).

romanceStuck for new perfume ideas then how about 'Romance' by Ralph Lauren?  If you want to gen up on it before you buy then go and have a look at the recent PlayPennies perfume review and read all about 'Romance' - I wear it and I'm here to tell you it's l o v e l y!

Now boys, when it comes to buying beauty things for your mum (or for the mother of your children) unless you are a) brave or b) have been given a specific cream to buy...I'd stay AWAY from anything with anti-ageing written on it as a pressie for Mother's Day.  I don't want to be reminded about how old I am, feel or look!  I want to feel pampered and special.

mandarinSo put a little bit of thought into what you pick off the virtual shelf - perhaps put together a few little pampering bits and pieces like this organic mandarin and bergamot lip balm and intensive essential oil hand cream by Tisserand.

Nothing in the fragrance and beauty sections took your fancy? It's ok, don't PANIC!  Go and have a look in GIFTS and see if there's anything there that catches your eye and then you can use this second Lloyds Pharmacy code to get 20% of the things you find there instead.

  • Promotion Code: GIFT2
  • Discount: 20%
  • Minimum Spend: None
  • Expires: 10 March 2010
  • Terms: not valid with any other offer or promotion code, only valid on products in the Gift section.

spaWould you like a few suggestions?  What about something like this 'Escape the Day' spa gift set by Grace and Cole, accompanied by a couple of hours peace and quiet to enjoy soaking in the bath with them then followed by this cute little set of four lip glosses to feel a bit glam' with afterwards?

Two important things...

1) Mother's Day is Sunday 14 March - don't forget!

2) Lloyds Pharmacy promotion codes are case sensitive so make sure you use CAPS!

And now it's over to you (remember...stay away from the anti-ageing!)


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