Holiday in Spain, Salou £47.48 Per Person @ Eurocamp And Ryanair

Mobile Ok so if you’re on the prowl for a Mother’s Day gift that will get her away from the home and out into the wonderful world, then this deal is something you need to look at. It will take a bit of explaining (read on!) but if you follow the instructions then you’re looking at paying only £47.98 per person for an eight day holiday in Spain.

To start with let’s look at your flights. Fly with Ryanair from Luton, there are other airports available at the same price but you will need to check online. The dats are 05 May to Reus and back on 13 May 2010.

The total cost for two adults and two children is £79.92 but it does mean you’ll have to only take hand luggage and use the prepay card to pay. It is highly unlikely that you’ll manage eight days without taking an actual suitcase so expect to pay a bit more.

The accommodation is at the Eurocamp Park Playa Bara which is a four star park. For the cost of £110 Mobile 2 you geteight nights in a five person tent. These tents are not roughing it, oh no, these come with proper bedrooms and a living area and are really lush. If you really hate the idea of living in a tent, though, you can pay £11 more per person to nab yourself a mobile home.

Add up the total for flights and accommodation and you’re looking at a fabulous deal indeed. Single parents  have also been catered for with some special offers just for you. Take some time to eyeball the site and get yourselves a lovely holiday. Happy Mother’s Day!

Thanks to sbfc at HUKD!


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    this offer idea has been stolen from an hukd member without credit shamefull
  • answer
    exhibit A m'lord
  • Tamsin O.
    Whoops, forgot to add that in. All fixed now.
  • bert
    get a life, a deal is deal no matter what, it doesn't matter where or who it comes from but I'm sure the member at hukd is so worried about someone else posting the deal on another site, that there ashamed, distraught, let down and at an all time low TWAT
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    Thanks for your comment Bert,in particular the last word,which is offered from a safe distance. Tasmin has indicated she didn't mean not to show credit and to her 'credit' has put it right. Please don't be angry with me Bert,you're my best girlfriend.

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