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Storyvault is another little delivery from the wonderful world of Web 2.0 and follows in the footsteps of Facebook and its ilk. However, this site is more for the memory lover, the keeper of chronicles if you will. Here you can capture your life in one central place and all for absolutely no cost at all.

The site is officially launching at the end of March and is currently completely free. The idea behind the site is that if you want to find ways of capturing those you love in eternity you can use the site to recount key experiences of their lives.

You can use the site to archive your memories but uploading short stories, films, photographs, comments or anything else that will make your storyvault personal to you. You can interview your grandparents, recount adorable pieces of your child’s development and talk about your own feelings for them to read when they grow up.

The content is private so only those who you want to share your thoughts can access them and the site really does promote interviewing your family members as a primary part of the experience. You can get advice on how to hold these interviews and how to upload them plus you can access other public interviews to discover more about other people’s lives.

While this is still in its infancy, the potential is enormous and the idea interesting. So if you would like to make mum a stunning gift to remember, why not create a storyvault just for her, interview everyone who loves her and put these up for her to watch in bed with her breakfast on March 14.



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