Five For Under A Fiver: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Five For Under A Fiver: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day For A FiverIt is Mothering Sunday, increasingly referred to as Mother's Day, on the 3rd of April in the UK. Which is roughly just over three weeks away. So you've got plenty of time to get prepared. But if you're wanting to snap up any bargain gifts, now is the time to go shopping.

Here I've drawn on the collective expertise of the PlayPennies' parents to gather together some fabulous ideas for Mother's Day gifts, priced at a fiver or less.

Marks and Spencer Mother's Day Ask Your Dad Door Hanger Card1 Card And Gift

This is really cute. I love it. The Mother's Day Ask Your Dad Door Hanger Card is a Mother's Day card and a gift all in one. And a gift you can use all year round. On the outside it tells the kids to go find Dad (I am paraphrasing just a tad) and on the inside it says 'have a relaxing day'.

Paperchase No Gift Card

The Ask your dad door hanger card is sold by Marks & Spencer and can be bought for the princely sum of £2.25.

Over at the PaperChase, they have the perfect get-out-of-buying-a-present-altogether card. It's the No Gift Card. But it is better than it sounds. The card actually says 'No Gift To My Mother Can Equal The Gift She Gave Me'. Awww how sweet is that?

2 Chocolate

Thorntons I Love Mum ChocolateThornton's chocolates. Delicious. This little package of I Love Mum Cups simply says I Love Mum. They're milk chocolate truffle cups. The pack contains five chocolates. It costs £2.99.

Something simple, sweet and unfussy. Try this chocolate bar from John Lewis. It is the Ambassadors of London 'Happy Mother's Day' Chocolate bar for £4.

Or you could add that personal touch. At Not On The High Street they're selling personalised Best Mum chocolate bars. You can choose from milk or dark chocolate, and add a message to the back of the bar. The site also sells Yummy Mummy chocolate bars (£4.45) and Thanks So Much bars (£4.95).

3 Smellies

Lush Ring Of Roses SoapIn my book it is hard to go wrong with something that smells lovely. Bubbles, salts, soaps. Anything for the bath is good. One of my favourite brands, Lush, sells this lovely A Ring Of Roses soap, which sells for £3.45 per 100g.

According to the website "A Ring of Roses smells of sweet oranges and lemons, as well as genuine Turkish rose absolute. This skin softening, soothing body soap has the same fragrance as Amandopondo, but surrounded in an infusion of larkspur, honeysuckle, marigold and cornflowers, it smells completely different. Use it when you need calm for your skin and your mind."

When I looked on The Body Shop website, I was surprised not to find any specific Mother's Day items. Maybe it is too early? But regardless, there's this little gift set, which is cheaper and more practical than buying actual roses. The Moroccan Rose Small Gift Box (£5) contains a Moroccan Rose Bath & Shower Gel (60 ml), a Moroccan Rose Body Butter (50 ml) and a Bath Lily.

Fleur Bathtub TeaHere's something a little more unusual. Whittard, the tea people, sell Fleur Bathtub Tea(£3.50). This is not actually tea you drink though. It is a soothing and calming infusion for your bath, which you soak in.

According to the Whittard website "four jumbo teabags filled with a calming blend of herbal teas and blossoms, scented with lemon balm and lavender. Sit back and relax with the calming scent of lavender."

4 Practical But Different

You really have to know your recipient before buying something like this. But I think it would be PERFECT for my mother in law. She's the type of person who can pull a mini-screwdriver set out of her handbag at a moment's notice.

I think she'd love this. Actually, so would I. It is really gorgeous. The Kirstie Allsop, she of Location Location Location fame, Mini Measuring Tape, available at Marks & Spencer, is £4. It has a floral design, or vintage chic as it says on the website. The Kirstie Allsop Mini Measuring Tape has a button to hold and release the tape. The site doesn't say how long the tape measure is, which is a bit of an oversight I think. But one of the reviewers on the website said it was quite long. Another said that it was really handy for measuring about the house.Kirstie Allsop Mini Measuring Tape

5. Photo Gifts

There's two advantages of photo gifts over other types of presents for mum. First, they're personal. You can make them about you and the family, and that's always a good thing. Second, you can get creative and make the gifts together.

At Snapfish, photo posters start from £3.99. We published a half price and free delivery promotional code for posters from Snapfish as well. To use this click here.

The Kodak Gallery has 20% off all photo books at the moment, but sadly that doesn't put any of them at the sub £5 mark. And at Photobox you get £5 off when you spend £20. Which, although it involves a fiver doesn't technically fit the specfications of this feature.

Photobox Fridge MagnetPhotobox do photo fridge magnets for £4.10. I'm not sure exactly what you get for that price though. On the website it says that you can "go for a 6”x4” print presented in a magnetic photo frame, or two mini frames each holding a 3”x2” photo of the same image." But to look into it further you have to upload photos and so forth, so I didn't investigate. Would be well worth checking out though. You could do a fridge magnet for each member of the family.


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  • SlayerKat
    Thanks these are good budgets and very reasonable.
    • Lynley O.
      They are good value aren't they? I was totally surprised when I researched this feature to find what was out there. I think I've got a skewed view really because in previous years I always left it till the last minute, and by then the shelves are always cleared of all the really nice, budget stuff. So I end up paying over the odds for chocolates or flowers!