Fabulous Free Recipes For Mother’s Day @ Carnation

cupcake2 Deliciously delectable recipes that will make you drool (as I am, all over my keyboard) are ready for you to take for free from the Carnation website. So Dad this year why not get together with the kids in the kitchen to create soft and indulgent cupcakes?

There are some really divine recipes on here and I have to confess that I’ve put on about a stone thanks to my having to (obviously) make each and every one of them. I had to be sure that they were good enough for you, didn’t I?

I also hate it when I find a recipe and it just doesn’t work. The expense of getting all the ingredients only tocupcake end up with gooey, horrible inedible mess is just too great. Luckily for you, and me, these recipes work a charm.

There are a ton of recipes to choose from but the Vanilla Cupcakes really are among the easiest. They’re also the most fun to decorate and make with little ones in tow. And I can guarantee you that mum will melt when she sees sticky little fingerprints and crumbly little cakes that show how much love and care went into making them.

P.S. They even have pudcasts (snort) that talk you through the difficult bits...


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