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I adore personalised things, especially if they're edible ones and there are plenty of them to choose from over at Lovehearts.

justmarried-lovehearts-justmarried_lge_1_2_1I went to a friend's wedding and they had personalised M&Ms they were amazing - I feel the same about these lovehearts that we all know and love from our childhoods.  If you're planning a wedding or you know someone who is  (send them here to have a look at this post) then these will make great wedding favours to give to your guests.

However, for the rest of us who don't have weddings on the horizon...think, MOTHER'S DAY!

canvas-loveheartscupidseveryours_zoomThere are some lovely little gifts here that will make Mother's Day just that little bit extra special.  I'm really quite smitten with this piece of lovehearts art - I know it's not very mumsy BUT I don't necessarily want something with 'Best Mum' written on it (although I am of course!).

If you're more of a jewellery fan then this silver pendant might appeal to you more.

canvas-loveheartsmybabyblue_zoom_1There are lots of applications for personalised lovehearts things - birthdays, christenings, newborn-baby gifts and so on; have a look around and see if anything takes your fancy to use this lovehearts discount code with!

Thanks to edi over at HUKD!

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