Buy 100ml Balaton Spa Face Mask And Get £50 Free Spa Products @ Balaton Spa

balatonspa When I first read about this deal I did a lot of staring at the screen. Surely I was misreading this? So I gave them a call and I asked them, “Is this correct? I pay £20 for the Balaton Spa Face Mask and you give me £50 of skincare products for free?”

Yes!” said the nice lady, who promptly sent me a sample of the mask so I could if it was worth £20.

This is where you can get the deal and this is how well it worked:

The mask is 100 percent natural and offers you a deep cleansing and purifying experience that really is quite divine. The best part, other than the fact that it is deeply divine to use, is that you only need to leave it on for three minutes. This is just perfect for the stressed out, time strapped mum.

The mask has all sorts of lovely benefits such as preventing premature ageing, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (yay!), moisturising qualities, deep skin hydration and revitalising tired skin. In short, it is a fantastic gift for any mum who needs a good pampering.

I loved using the mask as it didn’t leave my skin feeling dry and stretchy like other masks tend to, and as I have sensitive skin I am particularly prone to dry patches so this was a huge plus. It also didn’t take ages of scrubbing or scraping to wash off. It slips on and off as easy as a breeze. The black mud also doesn’t stain your sink or bath – another plus! balatontravel

The travel bag that arrives alongside it is completely and utterly FREE! Included in the bag is a 20ml eye gel, a 25g cleansing bar (with added Shea butter), 20ml extra face mask jar, 50ml bottle of cleansing and toning lotion with a refreshing lemon and lime fragrance, 50ml bottle of bodywash and 50ml bottle of body lotion. You also get a 50ml bottle of body lotion.

This is a spectacular bargain for only £20 and mum will thank you if you’re getting her one of these for Mother’s Day.


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