Maternity, Medical and Cosmetic Products 10% Off @ Clinica UK: PlayPennies Exclusive


There’s 10% off at the entire range at Clinica UK, exclusively for PlayPennies readers.
Move your pharmacy online with 10% off

  • Discount: 10%
  • Valid on : Everything online
  • Valid till: 31st December 2011
  • Code: playpennies10

So, what do Clinica UK offer?

Well, there are maternity products, such as foetal heart monitors, tissue oil and a (non-labour, it seems) TENS machine for all those pregnancy aches and pains, including strengthening the pelvic floor.

There’s also a range of lotions and potions from Clinica, including face wash, day cream, vitamin E cream and the aforementioned  tissue oil.

While I don’t imagine many of us needing 5 litres of ultrasound gel, there is a very useful breast aware self-test (and prostate screening, if that’s more your thing.)

There’s even a pretty good range of condoms, in case you don’t want to need any foetal heart monitors, tissue oil or so on for a while ;)

And with the code only expiring in December, well, you’re pretty set for family planning and pregnancy for the rest of the year, with 10% off.


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